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Terminal 2 at Dublin Airport:




Terminal 2 is a new 75,000 m2 (810,000 sq ft) terminal and pier (pier E) which provides 19 air bridges for aircraft and is capable of handling 15 million passengers annually, thereby allowing the airport to handle 35 million passengers a year. The total cost of the overall project is put at €600 million. Another pier (Pier F) is planned to be built to the south of Terminal 2 when required. The majority of long-haul carriers will move to Terminal 2, including Aer Lingus, which will relocate all its operations, both long- and short-haul, to the terminal. Terminal 2 also features a new US pre-clearance immigration facility. Construction of Terminal 2 began on 1 October 2007, and is now complete.




Terminal 2 was officially opened on November 19th 2010 and airlines that will use the new terminal plan to transfer their operations in phases throughout November. Aer Lingus has decided to postpone the transfer of their transatlantic flights to Terminal 2 until the new year. The United States immigration pre-clearance facility opening has been delayed until January 2011 with the result that US Airways, Continental Airlines and Delta Air Lines won't transfer to Terminal 2 until early 2011.




For more information about the history, present and the future of aviation in Ireland and at Dublin Airport, please fly and connect through the following link, enjoy:


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Taken on February 7, 2011