My broken UV filter, RIP

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    Glad I had a filter on my 24-70. better to loose an $80 filter than a $1600 lens

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    1. kzappaster (every now and then) 43 months ago | reply

      Say that again... :O)

      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    2. biggcstylez 43 months ago | reply

      What did it get hit with?

    3. Tim Rogan (formerly caprae) 43 months ago | reply

      Glad your lens is okay.
      Funny that I would see this twitter link the same day:

    4. Shineylewis 43 months ago | reply

      I know that feeling... it sucks :(
      Glad your lens is OK

    5. scrmhawk0007 43 months ago | reply

      And thus ends the controversy of if the filter should be used.

    6. Me&MyLens 43 months ago | reply

      wow... my heart dropped to the pit of my stomach when I saw this! Rather a filter then a lens.... :)

    7. richmaher69 43 months ago | reply

      It's stupid not to use a filter. Is there an argument about this?

    8. Tim Rogan (formerly caprae) 43 months ago | reply

      rishmaher69 - actually there is. Many full time pros don't use one. They rely on their lens hood as first line of protection because anything between the subject and the lens can create some flair. Don't forget that if you break your front element you can get it replaced by the manufacturer. You don't have to throw out the whole lens. Those pros figure that with what they can sell their photos for, taking the chance on getting a bit of flair on the perfect photo would cost them more in the long run than a chance on scratching or breaking the front element. Scratches on the front element are less noticeable in your picture than you would think. Look at the link above. (I think the example given was around $500 on SIgma's $26,000 lens (200-500 f.2.8). Is it worth it on a super cheap lens. Probably not.

    9. udijw 43 months ago | reply

      thanks for the nice wishes. yea, the lens is ok :) me very happy :)

      well said, I am really considering not to get another ~$90 filter and stick with the lens hood. time will tell if I am right.

    10. ladiibugg68 42 months ago | reply

      having a moment of silence RIP

    11. julien_thms 40 months ago | reply

      I prefer not to risk flare, I tend to be extra-careful with my gear and would use a filter only in specific environment (eg. salt water projections...) or for specific purpose. Seriously I think I would be dead before my front lens broke ;)

    12. thedot_ru 35 months ago | reply

      Such a great concept!

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