LED Ring Light

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    LED Driven ring light
    Set up for this image (also shot with LEDs here)

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    1. tonyarrj 57 months ago | reply

      Take off the Key rings !!!! LOL

      Very creative.

      http://www.diyphotography.net/studio-at-home-introduction-to-led-lighting (?)

    2. udijw 57 months ago | reply

      But I love the rings, they make such a pretty sound ;)

    3. Vadim Zee 57 months ago | reply

      Shadow in the middle makes me think about two lenses onу next to each other at first glance! :)

    4. Pier.Bover 57 months ago | reply

      Wow nice idea. Do you have any pics using that ring "flash"?

    5. udijw 57 months ago | reply

      @- Pier -
      This one was taken with the ring flash:

    6. jen.polegatto 57 months ago | reply

      great idea
      it be fun turning each one of these on and off individually :)

    7. rmphotog 57 months ago | reply

      bad design to have you lights "Extending" beyond the front of the lens can we say "Lens Flare" pull them back away from the front lens element.

    8. bollywoodandme 57 months ago | reply

      So crazy it just might work, I love it!

    9. Lisérgico 56 months ago | reply

      Hi! Great work, dude ;)

      What's the material used on the background?

    10. udijw 56 months ago | reply

      @ lisergi - it is a cut mat. something i got in the art store for using an exacto knife without killing the floors :)

    11. Webitect 56 months ago | reply

      Awesome idea!

    12. El Nitro [nitrocorp.org] 55 months ago | reply

      Wow, how much did you pay for all those LEDs?

    13. udijw 55 months ago | reply

      Actually, not that much. they cost like 2 USD for 10 LEDs at dealextreame

    14. El Nitro [nitrocorp.org] 55 months ago | reply

      Nice! I'll get some as well, pretty cheap indeed. Thank you :)

    15. Peronio 54 months ago | reply

      really creative!

    16. zPRIME 39 months ago | reply

      hah. that's so f'n ghetto. awesome.

    17. j4y4 32 months ago | reply

      Nice piercing..LOL

    18. john.masters 32 months ago | reply

      I've just spent two days, a lot of hours, searching the internet for reviews of the various LED ring lights. Got disgusted and decided to search for DIYerself LED ring lights.

      Your's is the BOMB! I know what I'm gonna do now, one just like yours.

      Keep the rings, it's added bling to that awesome lens.

      And I can spend the money I save to put toward that lens I just bid for on Ebay without telling my wife...well, she is asleep...

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