Kingston University Foundation Application for Lily Grant
There is nothing more fulfilling for me than immersing myself fully in art, and further improving my understanding of art in the world.

On a recent school trip to New York I visited many galleries, which helped develop my knowledge of international modern art. I very much enjoy frequenting iconic and well-known exhibitions such as the Turner Prize and the BP Portrait Award, as they show upcoming artists of my generation, inspiring my own endeavours. I am heavily influenced by Matthew Barney’s video work like The Cremaster Cycle. Whilst the study of video art is controversial, I feel it has a vital place in the art world and deserves more kudos.

Last year, my portfolio included a large painting inspired by John Baldessari, a series of a5 collages, a video outcome and a sculpture combining welded steel, casting and latex, inspired by Paddy Hartley's work The Face Corset. This project comments on the narrow perception of what constitutes ‘beauty’ and the barbarity of surgical methods employed to achieve a spurious ideal.

I voluntarily take part in the set design for school productions and I enjoy combining my interest in theatre with art.

Recently I went on work experience at Holmes and Marchant, a brand design agency. I was an integral part of the team working on one of their pitches which I absolutely loved. I fully participated in the business meetings with the clients, expressing my own ideas and presenting my own designs for the project. This experience further strengthened my resolve to work in a creative environment.

I am looking forward to taking advantage of everything that Kingston has to offer. I feel that qualifying from such a prestigious and renowned establishment will enhance my chances of securing a first class university place.
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