Nutrition & Shopping tips
Feline Nutrition and purchasing info.

I am not a nutrition expert, but do have over 30 years of experience managing feral cat colonies.

General Nutrition Info.

Cats are “Obligate Carnivores” and eat MEAT for nutrition. Their main diet is meat based, not corn, rice, vegetables and junk fillers.

The difference between ferals that live to be 15 plus years old and the rest that die at a much younger age is good diet, TNR and warm shelters.

For complete and detailed information regarding feline diet, see the below link from Dr. Lisa Pierson DVM. This is the best info that we have found with respect to feline diet.

2) Some colony caregivers will continue to feed dry food. If you must feed dry food, read the below links, educate yourself and give the ferals THE BEST FOOD that you can afford.

I recommend and feed Costco’s Kirkland brand dry cat food to my outdoor colonies. It is high quality food at a great price. Here in NY the 25 lb bag = $18.

Those of us who are not Costco members, do not drive etc, now have an alternative to buy this high quality and inexpensive food via the web at Two bags get a discount.

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