Ashot's Drop Traps
Please read the below information carefully and thoroughly before using or ordering a drop trap.

Drop traps are a tool for TNR.

Most hard to trap cats can be trapped using a drop trap. You can also trap multiple cats at once.

In our experience a drop trap should weigh between 20 -30 lbs to prevent the cats from escaping.

Some people prefer lighter drop traps and weigh it down with a bucket.......filled with stones.

For lighter drop traps, see the info and ordering instructions from Hubcats

For heavier drop traps, please see below:

Dr. Lisa Pierson DVM has designed and built drop traps and she prefers heavier traps. Please see below for ideas on how to make a drop trap.

Video of drop trapping cats.

I have designed, fabricated and tested 4 types of drop traps with the one you see here being the best overall choice based on field feedback.

In addition, it can be used as a confinement/holding place for recovering injured/sick cats or for relocation purposes.

Pictures and description


Before you place an order for a drop trap, consider the following:

It is not a toy nor is it featherweight
It is well designed, strong, field tested and will last a long time
It is a multifunctional: Drop trap / Recovery & holding place
It does trap cats and they can not escape.

Size: (inches) 48L X 32W X 12.75H open (with the safety bumpers)
6" high closed

Weight: 22 lbs - 23 lbs

Price; $175 (No longer for sale)

Pick up in Forest Hills, Queens, NY

No shipping or delivery at this point in time.

Contact: Ashot

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