Ashot's All Weather Bin Shelter
I am not making these shelters for the time being

You can e-mail me for alternative shelter info

"All Weather Bin Shelter"

All Weather Feral Cat Bin Shelters

A heavy duty Rubbermaid plastic storage bin (54 gallon size)

Outside dimensions: 41 1/2" long X 20" wide X 16 1/2" high
Inside dimensions: 32" long X 11 1/2" wide X 12" high

Accommodates 2 adult cats comfortably

Lined with 2" insulation all around (six sides)

Pressure sealed

Inside corners are sealed with GE Silicone II

Floor is covered with vinyl tile (makes it scratch proof).

Straw as bedding

Modular construction



6" round entrance

All four bottom corners are drilled for drainage and ventilation

Very precise and high quality workmanship

Designed for many years of maintenance free usage

These shelters were designed to trap the body heat of ferals and keep them warm and dry in any environment. They also look good and are not an eyesore.



Shelter maintenance link:

Price: $75

Questions or comments? contact: Ashot

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