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Day 251/365: A stolen moment

I was tagged by the lovely Andrea, and seems it's been such a long time since any tagging has been done around here I thought this was a fun and interesting one to do...


10 facts about this picture...!


1, there are only 3 balloons really


2, I stole the balloons from outside Carpetright on my way to the woods


3, I stole this idea from a calender I'm putting together of pictures of my kids, and trust me the picture looks soooo much better with them in it! ;)


4, My wellies are 3 sizes to big for me. In fact they aren't my wellies at all, but I claimed them as mine so now they kind of are!


5, I hate my face in this, I look stupid! But it was the only decent picture where I wasn't shouting at the kids not to knock my tripod!


6,I hate my hair in this, but that's what happens to it when it hits moisture (the hat can only hide so much)


7, I lost count of how many layers I used for this picture


8, The picture is taken in some of my favourite woods. Cowleaze woods, they are about 30miles from where I live, and not long after taking this picture I bumped into my best friends randomly walking her dog there....small world ;)


9, If I thought about doing this shot before I left the house I would have worn something a bit better ;D


10, First time ever I'm adding the unedited picture in the comments. Just incase anyone thought that I had any real talent. Now you can all see that I take pretty shitty pictures really and just funk them up ;D

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Taken on November 21, 2010