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    These iceformations caught my attention and i worked with them for a while. Getting this shot involved some acrobatic bambimoves...the rocks were
    covered in superslippery ice.

    I have grown tired of Flickr recently and i almost reached the point of deleting my account. Instead i ended up renewing my membership once again.
    Flickr is insanely timeconsuming if you want to play the social game. And flickr is certainly a social game. Spending hours every day to keep up with hundreds of people, i
    am officially resigning from that part of flickr. Flickr most often generates between 500-1000 views on photos. Compared to some other sites that generates thousands of views, sometimes up
    to 50,000...without even having to play any kind of social game. The only way to generate anything close to those numbers on flickr is through Explore. And Explore has to be the
    most ridiculous thing in history, with no kind of logic involved. One period every shot i posted entered Explore. I could have posted a shot of my cats crap, and i`m sure it wuld have made explore.
    Then i got the threatmail from links blablabla... Flickr is not for professionals...blabla.. So what is the point of Flickr? Chitchatting with people? Anyway, ever since i received that mail, i`ve been
    out of the Explore-loop.

    I sound like a douchebag...i know. But i know for a fact that i`m not alone in thinking these things. I have nothing but great things to say about the users of Flickr, but it`s the whole concept i have issues with...

    Have a great day everyone!


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    1. Joe Rainbow 49 months ago | reply

      Firstly a great looking image Arild. I like your composition and the overall colour tone.
      I also whole heartedly agree with you about flickr. I only add people as contacts if I like their work, or have some personal connection to them. It is a pointless exercise to comment on hundreds of photos if only for the return favour. It gives a false view of the image. However, flickr has its uses. I can see a whole range of photos, choose which I like and make a statement that says I will only comment if I feel I want to, no hard feelings. I looked into NPN a bit. Might give it a go. Time is so limited though.

    2. Xindaan 49 months ago | reply

      Wonderful. I like your work with the foreground too.
      Seen in my contacts' photos. ( ?² )

    3. bmalarky 49 months ago | reply

      Such an incredibly fantastic image. Regardless of the whole Flickr/Explore issues, it's always a pleasure seeing the amazing images you post. Hope you can keep it up but, if not, I'm sure that whatever direction you go the images will speak for themselves and inspire others.

    4. Mathieu Noel 49 months ago | reply

      awesome winter capture ... gorgeous image, perfectly composed ... superb idea for the foreground ... Norway is really beautiful ...

    5. Steph & the ocean [deleted] 49 months ago | reply

      stunning forground , the contrast works very well here Arild :)

    6. Yannick Lefevre 49 months ago | reply

      i just want to ask to you Arild, take a pleasure to do your photo and i know about Flickr ;-)
      for myself now i just to see a photo that i love or something special for my eyes, that's all !!
      for me, you're a great landscape photographer and it's a pleasure to see your composition since a long time now,
      Explore ??? ah yes when you see the photo choose each day, it's a really pleasure to be in !!! LOL ...
      take care Arild

    7. Martin_Finlayson 49 months ago | reply

      It's hard to disagree with a lot of the comments about Flickr on here. I have had a few images in Explore but they were certainly not my best efforts, of course even my best efforts don't come close to the work you put out! In the end though it's not about producing world-class photos it's about aspiring to produce world-class photos... for me anyway :) Glad you decided not to leave.

    8. Luca Cesari Photography 49 months ago | reply

      Can't agree with you more, Arild! When I started reading through the description it was like you were reading my mind. I will send you an email on that, as soon as I will have the time!
      As for the shot, composition is great, but I think light isn't at its possible best!
      Well done, anyway.

    9. Nora Carol 49 months ago | reply

      just want u to know, i'm tried of flickr too..but well, i decided to renew my membership last year December. Anyway, this is awesome !

    10. Rick Goldwasser Photography 49 months ago | reply

      Amazingly sharp front to back!

    11. Mahnie 49 months ago | reply

      Interesting discussion. I myself have gone through a lot of Flickr "phases" and sort of go back-and-forth on a lot of things. Where I stand now is something like this:

      - I come around here and am very active when I'm in the mood to do so and then I'll disappear for days, weeks, or even months before coming back again and being very active again for hours, days, weeks, etc. I no longer worry about these inactive periods or stress about what they'll do to my "following." Life is too short!

      - I try to comment on all the photos I see that I really enjoy. Because time is short, and also because I'm not always sure how receptive each individual is to constructive criticism, I am often guilty of leaving "wow - beautiful!" type comments. But to me it is just a way to let my contact know that I took the time to look at their photo and that I appreciate it, you know?

      - I don't comment on any photos that I don't actually feel a real response to

      - I appreciate all the comments I get ... even just the "lovely!" ones, because as an artist I thrive on being seen. Yes, it's egotistical but when I used to paint large oil paintings the only people who would see it would be my family or friends who came to my house or studio. Or, maybe it would get in a show and then dozens or at best a few hundred would see it. But I would hardly ever be around to hear what they said when they looked at my work. And believe me I would have loved to be a fly on the wall just to hear people look at my paintings and simply say, "wow." Yeah, that would have made me very, very happy. So, I appreciate it here on Flickr too.

      - I value constructive feedback but I have a few trusted friends in real life who give plenty of that to me and who's opinions I seek out and really respect.

      - I am super grateful for all the inspiration I can find here on Flickr and especially for all the information I've gleaned on technical issues - filters, lenses, exposure, composition, locations, etc.

      Anyway, regarding THIS photo, I now feel pressured to give you a long insightful constructive comment. ;) However, I feel that Miles summed it up perfectly with "I hate you." This photo is exquisite ... the KILLER foreground, the ice, the light, the clarity, the macro/micro unity ... it's all effing sick. Totally SICK!

      So many of your photos are such an inspiration ... please don't leave Flickr!

      (Just thought I would try to rival Hamish for longest comment. ;)

    12. Artigazo  48 months ago | reply

      Nice capture and details in fore ground.
      Regards, have a nice week.

    13. grantmurrayphotography 48 months ago | reply

      Beautiful work Arild. The composition is wonderful. I love the ice in the foreground.

    14. little m:) 48 months ago | reply

      "bambimoves" ~!

      i love that i can see you in the droplets!

    15. Arild Heitmann Photography 48 months ago | reply

      nah, m....that cant be me. It looks more like jim morrison...

    16. Wolfhorn 48 months ago | reply

      Sweet shot Arild!!!

    17. Hugh Deck 48 months ago | reply

      Yes, you're certainly not alone in your sentiments. I really find it hard to warrant spending my increasingly precious time doing this.

      I'd go and write out a big list of problems I have with the site, the way it works and the social aspect of it and how it affects feedback, but it's all been said before, usually more eloquently by others than by me.

    18. hotonpictures 47 months ago | reply

      some handy work here

    19. con avraam 42 months ago | reply

      your comment,
      "From now on i`ll use flickr as a great tool to keep up with people i respect and admire...find inspiration and ideas, cause if theres one thing i`ve found on Flickr...then it is inspiration!"

      Spot on mate.

      I only joined here a couple of weeks ago when I realized what Flickr was.
      At first I was embarrassed to post some of my "Snaps" after seeing the Mind Boggling creativity that other people are coming up with.

      From a personal point of view, I love this site.

      I am now more aware of the depth and scope of photography not only in my little home country of Cyprus but world wide.
      From the photography displayed here, I get to see places I would never get to travel to.
      It has opened my eyes to ideas and dimensions that on my own I would not be able to explore or imagine.
      I am finding that there are countrymen of mine, some living near by, that are members here and perhaps through some group or personal contact we can share and perhaps meet in person and create new frindships.

      Like Arild, I too am INSPIRED by what I see here and hope that it will make me a better photographer and give me a better appreciation of this beautiful planet.

      A simple "WOW" every now and then can make someone's day!

      Someone at least shared the same sentiment on a vision or a piece of creativity.
      As "Photographer's", do we not CRAVE for the responses of other's.
      If not, why do we post our art here, isn't it for some acknowledgement and recognition?

      I applaud ALL here who have the courage to display their talents and the desire to share it with others.

    20. George Yajima 37 months ago | reply

      So impressive capture! Beautiful place

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