These iceformations caught my attention and i worked with them for a while. Getting this shot involved some acrobatic bambimoves...the rocks were

covered in superslippery ice.


I have grown tired of Flickr recently and i almost reached the point of deleting my account. Instead i ended up renewing my membership once again.

Flickr is insanely timeconsuming if you want to play the social game. And flickr is certainly a social game. Spending hours every day to keep up with hundreds of people, i

am officially resigning from that part of flickr. Flickr most often generates between 500-1000 views on photos. Compared to some other sites that generates thousands of views, sometimes up

to 50,000...without even having to play any kind of social game. The only way to generate anything close to those numbers on flickr is through Explore. And Explore has to be the

most ridiculous thing in history, with no kind of logic involved. One period every shot i posted entered Explore. I could have posted a shot of my cats crap, and i`m sure it wuld have made explore.

Then i got the threatmail from links blablabla... Flickr is not for professionals...blabla.. So what is the point of Flickr? Chitchatting with people? Anyway, ever since i received that mail, i`ve been

out of the Explore-loop.


I sound like a douchebag...i know. But i know for a fact that i`m not alone in thinking these things. I have nothing but great things to say about the users of Flickr, but it`s the whole concept i have issues with...


Have a great day everyone!



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Taken on November 13, 2010