Stained Glass Windows
The Dewey Graduate Library, formerly Hawley Hall, possesses a great treasure. Its stained glass windows, both intricate and inspirational, were gifts of the graduating classes of the State Normal College and the New York State College for Teachers to their Alma Mater. The first stained glass window, placed prominently over the entrance, was donated by the graduating class of 1910. Hawley Hall, then an auditorium, was the site for compulsory Friday assemblies and the "Moving-Up Day" ceremonies during which the windows were presented to the college and accepted by its President. This ceremony celebrated the imminent graduation of the Senior class and the rise of the Junior class to Senior class standing. As each of the ten windows was installed or refurbished, it lent even more beauty to this charming space. Unfortunately, little documentation of their creation or presentation persists; for now, their stories, largely, remain a mystery. But we attempt herein to revisit their glory and splendor, and tell those parts of their tales which are known.
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