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francesco tranchedino's letter found in a book

Today I tuned my PC to a few Danish webcams. While writing memo's and reading files, I cast a glance at the screen from time to time. When I saw something interesting I made a screenshot.


I'm reading "The historian" by Elisabeth Kostova at this moment and I had a vague plan to make a "mystery page" and hide it in several books in the Rotterdam library. This way I hoped to give a few innocent visitors a nice "what the fuck" moment.


But I had no idea what to put in the "mystery page".


While picking up my bicycle at the station I saw a receipt in the dust and picked it up, together with some other random lost papers. I thought it might be useful for this project.


Finally this evening, while scanning all this material an idea started to form. Half an hour later this letter was written, printed and embellished with a few random notes. Next week it will be copied and put in place. Maybe you can add a few enticing details?


See the other conspiracy letter:



NB: There are even pictures of the real ones posted on Flickr:



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Taken on June 27, 2009