The eyes are the mirror of the soul

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    Tagged by Sugar Vice <3

    1.I am a Business andMathematics major, I adore numbers <3
    2.My one and only dream for now is to get into Harvard University
    3.Horses are my most favorite animal!
    4.I have an interest toward guns, just like their shape and power *awesomeness*
    5.I want to be a Lawyer/politician/presidentone day (not necessarily in this life =p)
    6.I’m not a makeup person as I believe in natural beauty
    7.I love learning, even in holidays I have to learn something new!
    8.I started photography 5 years ago forcibly in media class where I found my talent!
    9.Confident with a strong personality
    10.I believe I’m a genius, regardless to what others say =P
    11.I love helping people out and don’t expect help back
    12.Use to play guitar, violin and piano but stopped for religious reasons
    13.Me and musicare not friends, have a bouncy relationship
    14.When I watch movies and hear new words I type it up for future reference and use!

    I tag *Sweet Arrogance, Dazzling Pearl, Mistress of her own heart, ICandy, Cherry Kisses

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    1. , , , , , , , , [deleted] 75 months ago | reply

      I love helping people out and don’t expect help back
      i do to ,, I enjoy it to the max ;)

      I think ur personality is really attractive !

    2. Һ ~ ♥ 75 months ago | reply


      nice pic ,.

      ~,. Raw3a

      keep it upO ,.

      comment me 2 comment u next time

    3. N.J.A 75 months ago | reply

      3.Horses are my most favorite animal! .. like me

      good to know about u .. mashalla hi is cute

    4. {Marshmallow} 75 months ago | reply

      you ahve ana amazing personality so as future !
      LOVE IT

    5. funZy ♥ bunZy " Unkown " 75 months ago | reply

      mashalla great portrait ,,

      pretty boy !!

    6. T Glow 75 months ago | reply

      ...........excellent portrait !!!

    7. © Meme 75 months ago | reply

      Awesome !!

    8. Physics =O [deleted] 75 months ago | reply

      I love helping people out and don’t expect help back }...
      ^ ana el3aks :$=P lool

    9. Mohammed Alnaser 75 months ago | reply

      nice shot, love the light here and the background.

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    10. `Sara.K 75 months ago | reply

      mashalla <33

    11. ShooSh ` 74 months ago | reply

      al edit 5ayaaaal..
      Perfrctly taken.....<33 it

    12. ♥ S t y l e 4 E v e r ♥ 74 months ago | reply

      иı¢e ρı¢ ..

      ı łıκe ıт

      κeeeρ ıт υρ ~

      ¢øммeит мe ρłz

      ( ذبحني هواهم  (غيــــثوه

    13. AyshaAlSayed 74 months ago | reply

      M a s h a l l a h

    14. { ms.Latino~ [deleted] 74 months ago | reply

      u r soooooooo close to my personlity u have lots in common =D exept that I love to play guitar and piano but dont know although I can learn but as u, dont want 2 for religiou reasons ;)

      O I'm sooooooooooooooo in love with horses waied waied to an infinite extent oo wish I own one =")

      finally, luved the pic as much as I luved ur personality ;)

    15. Her Grace™ [deleted] 74 months ago | reply

      Oh my ambitious friend ,, !!!
      Interesting facts you have tagged my dear ,, athough i must agree with SA not big fan of math *ew* =P but i totally agree with the Harvard plan and the MBA and PHDs dont forget =P
      Wish u all the best hon ^_^

    16. Capture Queen ™ 74 months ago | reply

      MOH : *HUGS* for the encouragement!

    17. ReEeMa 74 months ago | reply

      woderrrrrrrrrrrrful portrait (Y)

    18. marcellucray 47 months ago | reply

      fascinating shot..........!

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