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The eyes are the mirror of the soul

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1.I am a Business andMathematics major, I adore numbers <3

2.My one and only dream for now is to get into Harvard University

3.Horses are my most favorite animal!

4.I have an interest toward guns, just like their shape and power *awesomeness*

5.I want to be a Lawyer/politician/presidentone day (not necessarily in this life =p)

6.I’m not a makeup person as I believe in natural beauty

7.I love learning, even in holidays I have to learn something new!

8.I started photography 5 years ago forcibly in media class where I found my talent!

9.Confident with a strong personality

10.I believe I’m a genius, regardless to what others say =P

11.I love helping people out and don’t expect help back

12.Use to play guitar, violin and piano but stopped for religious reasons

13.Me and musicare not friends, have a bouncy relationship

14.When I watch movies and hear new words I type it up for future reference and use!


I tag *Sweet Arrogance, Dazzling Pearl, Mistress of her own heart, ICandy, Cherry Kisses


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Taken on July 23, 2008