September 2014 Research Partners Lunch
Dr. Patrick LeClair, Associate Professor in Physics, presented on electronic devices. We rely on electronic devices for almost every activity, but how much is known about how they really work? First, there was a short tutorial on electronics concepts, and how they are used to store and process information. For example, an explanation of the principles behind current technologies like Flash memory, hard disks, and RAM as well as their limitations and possible successors will be presented. Second, there will be an overview of a portable electromyography (EMG) device developed in Professor LeClair’s laboratory. EMG is a method of measuring the electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles, and is typically used in medical and rehabilitation settings. The basics of what EMG is and does will be outlined, along with a description of the principles behind the device that was constructed and the process of commercializing technology developed at UA. Lastly, a demonstration of the technology was given.
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