Sculpture Garden at UA's Child Development Research Center
Mrs. Margaret E. Rhoads has teamed up with her old friend Frank Fleming (MFA 1973) to create a sculpture garden full of interesting animals for the College of Human Environmental Studies. Since 2009, Fleming has created sculptures for the garden. First "Peter the Rabbit," then "John the Turtle" in 2011. In 2012, Frank the Frog was added as the 3rd animal in the metallic menagerie. In September 2014, we made way for three bronze ducks, "Milla," "Judy" and "Amy," to become part of the CHES family. UA President Judy Bonner (who is also former dean of CHES) spoke words of congratulations and thanks to Fleming, Mrs. Rhoads, and all the donors who made the garden possible. John the Turtle was named in honor of Mrs. Rhoads' late husband, John Rhoads. Mrs. Rhoads has been collecting Fleming's art work since 1973.
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