A wrecked Trek 820 Mountaintrack (in size tiny) that I found in the free pile at WTF bikes, some free time, tubing, a torch, and a bunch of random parts in the basement.

It's nice and light, which is pretty amazing considering just how beefy the tubing is. Good enough for breveting, even with the trashed rear triangle (which I eventually fixed by cutting out the bent-beyond-repair stays and replacing them with tubing from my bike mess (+ canti studs, +a toptube cable stop instead of the tube tunnel that used to carry the rear brake around the seatpost, +a single NDS braze-on to attach the taillight to)) and well worth the money I didn't spend on it (I've spent $31 dollars for this thing; $21 for a 26.6 seatpost and $10 for a baby tank of oxygen.)

Out of service now; I finally got around to painting it and not more than two weeks after the paint dried I was right hooked and (aside from breaking various parts of *me*) bent the fork, the rear triangle (again!) and /possibly/ the front triangle. Ugh. So I'll strip it back down to the frameset again and consider what to do about it after I'm no longer quite so annoyed at my shiny new paint scheme getting trashed.
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