The Tiki Planter

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    Last night Heather & Jon were out shopping around. They ran into this damn
    ugly planter & thought it would be funny to leave it for me as a gag gift.
    Well I've put a nice orchid in it & put it on my desk.

    Mr. & Mrs. Armstrong, I just might like it & keep it around. It'll go great
    with my" ugly" chair you love so much :)

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    1. jennifer_caunedo 45 months ago | reply

      you sound fun to work with, except for the whole name thing

    2. Colagrl (Susan B.) 45 months ago | reply

      I feel a Brady Bunch episode happening... please don't wear this thing as a necklace - it could be bad luck for you.

    3. Love, Lisa 45 months ago | reply

      Looks like he's taking a dump. Awesome.

    4. goddessnike13 45 months ago | reply

      OK, That is hideous and in such contrast with the gorgeous orchid. But this is coming from the man that turned down something like an Aeron chair for that hulking leather monstrosity, so I shouldn't be surprised.

      Now, to convince Heather the tiki man comes to life at night...

    5. TyrantCam 44 months ago | reply

      goddessnike13....Hmmm. That would be cool. A Tiki curse that will wake the kids up in the wee hours of the morning for like a week....causing her to miss her morning workouts. Or one that causes her to throw up ever time she drinks that crap artificial sweetener she puts into her coffee every morning (maybe that one would be a blessing, not a curse).

    6. thebratfink 44 months ago | reply

      That little guy looks like the 'monster' in 'Demon Island' [] one of my all time favorite movies. To give Heather nightmares get the movie and let her watch it. She'll toss that thing so fast your head will spin! LOL! [I bought the movie for myself. It's great.]

    7. ctsandersracing 44 months ago | reply

      I kinda like it

    8. ThatBeeGirl 44 months ago | reply

      um, i kinda like it, too.

    9. sunnygirlwi 44 months ago | reply

      Seems you are a perfect match to work with heather and jon!
      Love that you turned their gift around on them!

      (when's the tiki bar being installed?)

    10. Snickrsnack Katie 44 months ago | reply

      I think I love you, Tyrant.

    11. indeterminate vegetable 44 months ago | reply

      I love it, with no irony whatsoever. The orchid really bridges the gap between tiki and spare modern style. brilliant!

    12. kellysirishred 44 months ago | reply

      Same here, I love that thing.

    13. sassylawyer 44 months ago | reply

      I think it's cute. A real conversation piece.

    14. Onion 44 months ago | reply

      Makes me think of the song Tiki God by the Presidents of the United States of little tiki god made sure I lived in peace!

    15. Buttons McTavish 44 months ago | reply

      onion, yes, I was thinking of that song too! ha ha.

    16. Buttons McTavish 44 months ago | reply

      he he he. oh dear.

    17. helloflicker 44 months ago | reply

      amusing. although it would never show up in my home.

    18. L Thomas 44 months ago | reply

      If I was Marlo, I'd be standing in front of it screaming my head off from being traumatized by it's unbelievable ugliness! (not to mention the huge creepy factor that's going on with it, as well.)

    19. sammynmick 43 months ago | reply

      My husband is not into blogs, but he is always talking about yours.

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