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TYPOGRAPHY II ☸ »Art of Arranging Type« (for widescreen displays)

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Typefaces in use:


lowercase »a«


Danila Orlovsky’s (ParaType) fashionable, geometric Didone »Circus Didot«.


Circus Didot typeface presents a rework of a typical neoclassical serif type in a constructivist style. Analyzing the shapes of characters author placed basic geometric figures — triangles, rectangles, circles… above the contours of letters.

Resulting constructions staying recognizable letters at the same time bore a resemblance to pictures of Russian avant-garde artists from 20th century. This discovery has brought an idea to design a typeface where the tendency of a modern serif type to rationalism and geometry is realized in maximum possible extent. The prototypes for the project were taken from the works of Didot, lettering experiments of Russian constructivists and art deco artworks.

The technique of juggling with shapes and overall grotesque approach to the design explains the selection of the name for the font.


ligature »rt«


Corey Holms’ geometric, monoline, sans-serif typeface »Area«.


Area hearkens back to the disco era, reminiscent of nightclub and record advertising.

The rounded simple forms are updated with the implementation of negative kerning, which gives the typeface its unique look and modern feel. It is enhanced by the addition of over 50 ligatures that refine the final type treatment even further.




Silas Dilworth’ (TypeTrust) clean, geometric sans-serif face »Breuer Text«.


Breuer Text is a simple geometric sans with relaxed curves and slightly condensed proportions suitable for moderate lengths of body copy. The italics are optically adjusted obliques with a selection of augmented lowercase glyphs for a warmer read.

Breuer Text offers the distinct aura of technical precision in a personable tone, ideal for instructional copy or safety warnings. Its basic structure and conservative letterforms maintain a level voice without turning robotic or sterile.

Pair with the two-font Breuer Headline family for a simple and complete editorial type system. Breuer Text includes Small Caps, Old Style Figures and Tabular Figures.


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