The Toilet »Place of Enlightenment« (for widescreen displays)

Wallpaper 1920x1200 created with Donald Roos’ (VetteLetters) fat, grungy, »potato« face »VLNL Bint«.


VLNL Bint: Kornelis de Vries, a headmaster from the Dutch province of Friesland, cultivated new potato breeds that he named after pupils in his school. The tasty Bintje (a Frisian girl’s name) became a big success—in Belgium and France it has remained the most popular potato for french fries to this day, more than a century since its introduction.

Donald took 10 kilos of fresh Bintje potatoes and cut the Bint typeface with a short, sharp knife. He then inked each character once and printed it twice; the second, lighter printing is accommodated in the lower case alphabet.

The Bint family also offers a script font whose letters bounce up and down the baseline; with OpenType functionality active, the font random chooses each character from the upper- or lowercase alphabet. “Tabular Lining Figures” will activate a series of negative numerals in boxes; “Discretionary Ligatures” activates specially designed letter combinations like “www” as well as arrows and stars.




Carlos Fabiáns and Camargo Guerreros (Andinistas) antiqued, brush-drawn, rough and sketchy typeface »Lirrot«.


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