The Characteristics of a Typeface (for widescreen displays)

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    Wallpaper 1920x1200 created with the typefaces listed below:

    Text Face

    Alejandro lo Celsos (Pampa Type) unique serif typeface family»Arlt«.

    »Arlt is a family of contemporary typefaces for a wide variety of applications. It includes text, display, and decorative fonts. Its style gives the text a sort of spicy atmosphere that makes it ideal for composing literature.
    Arlt has been created for the demanding, inspired designers. Being the result of 3 years of intensive work, the types aim to balance a strong personality against comfortable readability. The fonts have been carefully crafted in every detail, to offer you the highest visual quality standards in typography.
    Arlt is inspired by the novels and plays of Argentinean writer Roberto Arlt, active in the 20s and 30s. He pioneered the introduction of Lunfardo (Buenos Aires slang) into literature, and he was the first to write about the crook and the madman. His novels and plays refreshed the spirit of Hispanic literature of early 20th century, and anticipated the work of English-speaking writers such as Irvine Welsh or William Burroughs.
    Arlt is a complex typeface. Its characters have vigorous counterforms. As individual shapes the letterforms can feel impulsive and capricious, but once they are combined into words, they look elegant and sober. The text line in Arlt creates a dynamic, stimulating rhythm, which is still very comfortable at immersed reading.
    Arlt is a contemporary interpretation of the alphabet which finds inspiration in some classic sources. The italics are linked to the glamorous, mannerist typography of 17th century Baroque (Dutch designer Christoffel van Dijck, Hungarian printer Miklós Kis). While the romans are a new attempt at capturing the warmth and vehemence of Expressionism. This style may be traced back to the 18th century: the singular work of German punchcutter Christian Zinck, and later to some 20th century East European type designers such as Preissig, Dyrynk, Menhart, and Frantisek Storm, probably today’s finest representative.«


    Nick Shinns (ShinnType) excellent, exceptionally versatile script face »Duffy Script«.

    Duffy Script is an interpretation of the lettering of contemporary illustrator Amanda Duffy, aka Losergirl. Each font contains four glyphs for each character (including all numbers, punctuation, and symbols), which OpenType coding sets in “random” order for a subtle, natural effect. Use a curved path to further accentuate the bounced quality of the letters. Try out different combinations of glyphs by inserting the cursor in front of your headline and hitting the space bar repeatedly: each time,the text will be represented by a different sequence of glyphs.

    Outline Slab Serif

    Dino dos Santos’ (DSType) fashionable, decorative slab serif typeface »Anubis Pro«.

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    1. jademond 59 months ago | reply

      this is beautyful!

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      Thank you for your nice comments!

    3. Florencia Lewkow [deleted] 58 months ago | reply

      This is a great work! Congratulations!"

    4. arnoKath 58 months ago | reply

      Thank you for your nice words Florencia!

    5. Che1414 58 months ago | reply

      I love this so much. Just love it.

    6. Haneen Krimly [deleted] 58 months ago | reply

      Your work has been featured in our blog,

      Please make sure you tweet and facebook so that people can see your great work :)

    7. v.see. 44 months ago | reply

      love this!

    8. arnoKath 44 months ago | reply

      Thank you very much, v.see!

    9. The YearbookLadies 43 months ago | reply

      We love, love, love this! Thanks! And we agree with Haneen...tweet and facebook your work!

    10. arnoKath 43 months ago | reply

      Thank you so much, my Ladies! :)

    11. arnoKath 41 months ago | reply

      Huge thanks, the incredible how!

    12. peggo 31 months ago | reply

      beautiful piece

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      Thank you so much, PeGGO!

    14. mrfidalgo 29 months ago | reply

      Amazing work

    15. arnoKath 29 months ago | reply

      Thank you so much!

    16. zumzume 27 months ago | reply

      id love to see something that included old stylish maps for the background...

    17. tyler.neyens 3 months ago | reply

      Really awesome!

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