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South Point | by tyler hayward
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South Point

Funny enough, I had actually forgotten to put the memory card back in my 5d mk II before we headed out that day, but luckily I had my Hassy and a few rolls of film on me which forced me to shoot it and I'm so thankful it happened!


This was actually the last frame on my roll of portra that I shot before switching to velvia on the trip and I've been dying to see how it turned out ever since!


I still remember the moment quite vividly...we had arrived at the south point and my mum and I had walked down to the edge of the cliffs overlooking the pacific ocean. We were taking in the sights and I was still trying to get it in my head that this was the southernmost point of the US and the expanse of the sea that stretched out forever past the horizon. Some kids had pulled up in front of us in their jeep and had their bathing suits on, and I caught a bit of their conversation about jumping! I've been cliff jumping before...but never out into the pacific ocean at the tip of an island xD When it looked like they had found a point to run off and jump, I scurried past to another point so I could frame the whole shot and hoped I wouldn't miss it! I used my 5d II as a glorified light meter and hand held a polarizer in front of the lens of my hassy and crouched down, focused and waited...and waited...I could feel the sun beating down on my neck and my legs were getting tired of being curled up, but I had to stay like that to get the right angle shot. I didn't want to move because I'd ruin all the prep! One guy was already in the water and I could see the girl working up the courage to jump. From experience, the longer you wait to jump and look over the edge, the worse it is and the longer you take. You just have to take one look, take a good jump and just go! It's not nearly as nerve racking :P After she sized it up, she finally jumped and I waited just a split second for her to drop and I pressed the shutter. She had jumped from the top and the buddy you see beside her in the air jumped off a lower ledge with his go pro on a stick which I wasn't expecting, but it didn't ruin the shot :)


I was so happy scanning this one in because it turned out exactly the way I saw the scene and I was able to catch that one shot that I only had one chance to get!


Onto the sight I mentioned above, this is actually the southernmost point in the USA and it's actually where the Polynesians had first landed in Hawaii! It's extremely rough and windy out there since you're literally right against the pacific and it was another epic sight. I don't really have any other words to describe just get such a feeling of wide open ness.


There's a famous green beach as well close to the point, but we weren't able to see it because it required a 2.5 mile walk in and then back out and we were quite tired and still had to make the drive back to our place (about 2 hours) so I'll have to explore it next time I visit ;)


EXIF + Dimensions

For the last 3 photos I've uploaded, they're true square crops, but with CS6 I use the "do not delete pixels" options so I don't alter the original image and can re crop if I have to, but it seems the exif data leaves the original dimensions even though this has been cropped to square I'll start to delete the pixels when I save as jpeg

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Taken on May 1, 2012