• Manfrotto 503 Pro Fluid Head

    She’ll probably replace this with an even better one sometime. She’s been eyeing my Really Right Stuff BH-55 ballhead with sidekick. If she ever figures out how to mount her videocams on that, I’m toast.
  • Manfrotto 755B MDeVe aluminum tripod legs

    It weighs a lot, but it’s a rock. Excellent value.
  • case for Steadicam Merlin
  • Kata Exo-33 videocamera bag
  • ExpoDisc 77mm warm balancing filter.

    She chose 77mm so she can lend it to me. Isn’t that sweet?
  • 72mm Tiffen FX/3 softening filter.

    She would have preferred an FX/1—the FX/3 is fine for DV work, but when you shoot high definition, it softens the scene so much that a lot of detail is lost.
  • 72mm Hoya Pro1 Digital circular polarizing filter.

    This filter rocks for outdoor videography, though it is very expensive.

    If I ever get an 18-200mm VR Nikkor, I’m totally stealing this from her.
  • Sennheisser MKE66 shotgun micophone with LightWave Miniscreen.

    Simply the best ENG microphone money can buy. A windscreen is essential and the Miniscreen is the most workable.
  • Sony HDR-FX1 3-CCD high-definition HDV video camera + two InfoLithium batteries.

    This is essential for low-light high definition videography. Sony did a great job with this one.
  • Sennheiser microphone mount and a hotshoe adapter.

    Why must Sony continue to use non-standard connectors?
  • Davis & Stanford Steady Stick.

    A portable shoulder mount/tripod/crane at a reasonable price. Very useful. You get some nice smooth portable crane shots with this.
  • hotshoe extension

    You need this when you have a shotgun mic and a wireless microphone.
  • Sennheiser EW100 Evolution G1 wireless microphone kit.

    She chose the omnidirectional version so if you place it correctly, you get great sound from both the bride and groom, even if they are getting married right on the beach.
  • SteadiCam Merlin (assembled and weighted for the FX-1) and stage plate

    It goes without saying that this blows away her old $15 home-made steadycam. This is an amazing device. The key is light weight, precise adjustability of counterweights, and the gimbal head.
  • BeachTek DXA-4 balanced XLR adapter

    You need XLR inputs for pro audio. Don’t buy the Sony Z1U, buy the FX1 and this instead. You can even use it on the HC1.
  • XLR cable
  • Noga Holdit mounting kit.

    You’ll need this to mount a litepanel on camera and put the shadows in the proper place.
  • 37mm Century Optics .3x ultra fisheye adapter
    37mm Tokina .45x wide angle adapter (and closeup lens)
    caps and bags for them

    Like a photographer, a good set of wide angle adapters creates unique shots. Great for steadicamming, one is rectilinear and the other is “skateboard” cool
  • Sony HDR-HC1 CMOS high definition HDV video camera and two InfoLithium batteries

    A pocket wonder with surprisingly good low light performance for a HDV camera. You can get high definition shots in situations you never can with the FX1. Also, adapters are actually affordable.
  • LitePanels Mini LED flood light, LED gel filters, and extra 12V rechargable snap-on battery

    It runs cool and long and is versatile with the gel filters. Yes, it costs a small fortune for a ENG light, but don’t settle for anything less than this. You’ll regret it.
  • Kata Banana-3 equipment bag and Kata InserTrolley

    Saves two trips to the car.

What’s in her bag (unpacked)

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What’s in her bag (unpacked)
Mountain View, California

Nikon D70, Nikkor 12-24mm f/4G, uv
DxO (blur, distorion, ca, vignette. noise) nik CEP (bw, ir bw)
f/4 at 1/1250 second, iso 200, 12mm (19mm)


This is what C—’s bag looks like unpacked when she is at a wedding shoot as opposed to all packed up.

The only major thing missing here is the headphones she uses for monitoring sound. She has a pair of Shure E3cs and a pair of Sony MDR-EX71SLs for that.

Check the notes section of this photo for an inventory of the rest of the equipment. Please note the recent edition of the Steadicam Merlin which replaces the $15 steady cam I made for her.

I thought this photo looked a bit better as a duotone, but I was lazy and just turned it to a black and white with opacity turned down. I added an IR black and white digital effect to improve the contrast.

I wish I held the camera straight in this shot, but it seems acceptable enough.

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  1. Ryan Brenizer 99 months ago | reply

    Thank God I only have *one* expensive set of gear.

  2. Luke Williams 99 months ago | reply

    That's what I was thinking. Leaving this page before I decide to get into another expensive hobby!

  3. tychay 99 months ago | reply

    @carpeicthus, Luke Williams: Thankfully I’ve been spared the desire to do video work—the most I do is hit the “movie” button on my Casio pocket camera. One nice thing is that there are a few things (tripods, filters, over-the-lens adapters) that I can steal^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hwe can share.

    Actually that Tokina .45x above was originally purchased for my Lenbaby—it fits her Sony HDR-HC1 perfectly so she was free to buy a more creative lens: a .3x Century Optics fisheye.

    One thing that makes video so expensive is the issue of dealing with both picture and sound. It’d be even worse if videographers held equipment companies to the same standards (optically) that photographers hold them to. It’s only a little above two megapixels for high definition.

    Unfortunately, they don’t. For instance, for high definition videography, they use three 1/3" CCD sensors which they would trade in a heartbeat for a single 4/3" or APS-C CCD or CMOS sensor, if they understood their craft better.

    I say this is unfortunate, because Caitlin is always complaining about this (or the fact that we photographers can use a strobe). I swear she’d be willing to kill for a APS-C videocamera that took Nikkor lenses.

  4. valgraphies 86 months ago | reply

    Cool picture. Tell me more about the fisheye adapter!! I've been looking for one for a while, but I can't seem to find quality.

    Found in a search. (?)

  5. tychay 86 months ago | reply

    The fisheye adapter is from Century Optics which is an LA company known for making high quality add-on lenses for videcameras. The company is now part of the prestigious Scheider Optics company.

    See here.

    The fisheye is an interesting lens that is a favorite of skateboarders for action shots, etc.

  6. pictureclub_2000 84 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Photographers and her cameras, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

  7. hoabinhlkd 84 months ago | reply

    Caitlin is a scam artist. I and another couple booked her for our Wedding and after taking our deposits, she gave us 2 different excuses. The one she gave me was:
    "I am pursuing an opportunity overseas, but will honor you contract."
    Of course, our Wedding was this weekend and she is no where to be found.

    Another couple that I know got a different excuse. She told them that her boyfriend took all of her equipments and she will not be able videograph their wedding and she won't return the deposits either.

    I am currently pursuing legal action, if anyone knows any information or her where abouts, please let me know.

    She might be a great videographer, but she is a better artist, a SCAM Artist.

  8. tychay 84 months ago | reply

    That would be ex-bf and that would be me. We broke up in July 2006. I let her use the equipment until October when I did indeed "take all her equipment" (well at least the parts I paid for out of my pocket, not before which I used the intervening two and a half months to beg them to purchase this stuff). I sold her and her father back almost all the equipment in the picture at the price it would go if you were to dump it on Craigslist (mediated by a third party). I’m a photographer, not a videographer so I had no real interest in keeping any of it. Also during that time, through a mutual friend, she had access to the equipment. I don't think there was ever a time that she didn't have the equipment available to her, so I find the excuse remarkable.

    I’m sorry about the overseas opportunities thing. But since I was broken up with her long before that. I think you’ll understand that I don’t feel responsible. IMO, you have every right to be pissed as hell, but then again, perhaps my perception is colored by emotion?

    I’m sure she sees things differently. That’s how relationships are. I’ll let my actions speak for themselves.

  9. hoabinhlkd 84 months ago | reply

    Thank you for your response. Do you know how to get a hold of her or any of her contact information? I really would like to get my money back.

  10. pissedbride 83 months ago | reply

    hoabinklkd, please contact me soon. I'm also pursuing legal action. Like all my other vendors, I paid her 70%, almost $2000, and now she is nowhere to be found.

    Caitlin please contact me ASAP.

  11. Bill "DOZER" Brock [deleted] 81 months ago | reply

    I love it........cant go wrong with nikon. And i like the stumped look on your face

  12. Fadzly @ Shutterhack 81 months ago | reply

    Breaking the rules is wonderful, liberating. Photographers that can do this and produce a successful image achieve greatness!

  13. skatemarco 74 months ago | reply

    hey guys i have a rebel xt slr, im new to photography i love shooting skateboarding i want to get a slave for my camera....i would really appreciate it if someone could help me out on what to but how it works.....comment a picture of mine explaining or message me please.... thank you

  14. skatemarco 74 months ago | reply

    my bad canon rebel xt

  15. Mr.FoxTalbot 69 months ago | reply

    Joder qué de gente tapandose la cara con cristal.
    Blay me! so many people hiding their faces behind lenses...

    Hey, nice pic.

    seen in Random Filcker Diversion

  16. ea83 42 months ago | reply

    nice kit

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