The Winds of Fire

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    The Valley of Fire State Park is a MUST to see if you are in the Las Vegas area. It is Nevada's oldest and largest State Park and was dedicated in 1935. Just a short one hour drive to the Northeast from Las Vegas, there is much to see in this little wonder of the desert!

    It is difficult to tell in this photo but just beyond the little bush near the center of the photo, there was about a 30 foot drop straight down! Exploring a place like this in the middle of the night definitely has its hazards. One bad step and it would all be over! This was a collab between John and I (My idea that John skilfully made come to fruition using the Programmed Color Phaser (PCP) available at I had envisioned a shot where a flowing ribbon of light would mimic the winds blowing through this little out of the way canyon that we found our way into with Marisa guiding the way!

    I would really like to publicly thank Marisa for EVERYTHING that she did for us during our stay in the Las Vegas area. She greeted us with a fantastic goodie bag when we arrived in Vegas! She also took us to some great locations and helped out with things quite a bit such as carrying equipment to some difficult locations and throwing out some ideas as well! She was also just as eager to get involved with the light painting we were doing as much as she was content in just watching and learning. She spent several all nighters out with us that week and was also dealing with having to work in her normal job as well. What a trooper she is! Marisa had her Point and Shoot camera stolen from her just a few days before our arrival and she was totally torn up over it. She was looking for a replacement camera during the week that we were there, and actually on the day that I left Vegas to start making my way back home, she found a deal on a Nikon D3100 and grabbed it! This is her first step into DSLR photography and she has definitely caught the Light Painting bug along with it! Please help me in welcoming her to the addiction that we all enjoy so very much! :-) And Expect to see more from her in the near future! :-)

    THANKS A MILLION Marisa for making the trip even more worth while! I look forward to shooting with you again someday! :-)

    Light Painting - Single Exposure

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    1. mtnrockdhh 34 months ago | reply

      Sorry I missed it. I especially like the way the the light 'appears' from the rock on the left...what with the red blending in with the red of the rock in the moonlight. So, what was the secret gig in LV?

    2. K3ntFIN 34 months ago | reply

      Very cool. Aurora Michaelis. :)

    3. jah~ 34 months ago | reply

      I second that, so make it 2 million! Enjoy that D3100 Marisa!

      Great memory Mike, cool shot!

    4. Cowboy 55 34 months ago | reply

      Im glad you had a great time , Maria sounds like a fun gal to be around!

    5. Notkalvin 34 months ago | reply

      That's such a cool tool. Pristine location, too!

    6. Darius twin 34 months ago | reply

      fantastic shape. what a location!

    7. Pikebubbles 34 months ago | reply

      Nicely done! Awesome location - really enjoyed reading about it :O)

    8. Andrew_Dempster 34 months ago | reply

      Fantastic creation!

    9. Mike Ridley. 34 months ago | reply

      Nice simplicity & a cool location = a great result :-)

    10. SybsPics 34 months ago | reply

      How graceful. This is just stunning.

    11. Sunset~Beauty 34 months ago | reply

      I have visited the park and it is amazing! I couldn't believe all the red/orange rock!

    12. Wes Whaley 34 months ago | reply

      Lovin the tool I will have one!

    13. IronRodArt - Royce Bair ("Star Shooter") 25 months ago | reply


      You are invited to submit this unique photo to the Into the Night Photography group. You may also be interested in our night photography blog, with featured photographers and tips.

      I also invite you to JOIN the group. Members have privileges!

    14. Maxflush 25 months ago | reply

      Nice! Why that much ISO?

    15. Gareth Brooks 25 months ago | reply

      because his aperture is on f/11. This tool works better at wider apertures allowing morr light in the dark. ISO will compensate for the lack of light from the aperture size :)

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