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Light Painting - Tools of the Trade | by TxPilot
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Light Painting - Tools of the Trade

Most of my current Light Painting Tool Collection as of 30 July 2010. I took all of these pics and videos and posted them for two reasons. First of all, as a resource for other Light Junkies and others that are new to Light Painting. The second is to not only challenge others to do the same if they have not already but to stress the importance of having them in case something happens to them like happened to me. Someone broke into my vehicle back in May and took a TON of camera equipment out of my truck along with ALL of the light tools that I had in there with it. Because I had pictures of everything from before, my homeowners insurance covered it all! If anything, take the pics for backup in case you need them! ;-) Do the same with all of your camera gear! ALL of it! :-)


See my YouTube video showing all of my current Light Painting Tools and how they work.


Or check out my set complete with individual photos and videos of each tool.


1. LED Sword Assortment, 2. Programmable RGB LED Light Strip, 3. 5mm EL Wire, 4. EL Wire Color Sampler, 5. Rainbow Flashlights, 6. LED Glow Stick, 7. Sphere Tool, 8. Light Wand, 9. Light Writing Tool, 10. Homemade Calligraphy Writer, 11. LED Key Lights, 12. RGBY Light Stick, 13. White Foam LED Toy, 14. Neon Car Accent Lights, 15. LED Glow Sticks, 16. LED Loop, 17. Cold Cathode Tools, 18. Blue/Red Orb Tool, 19. Laser Pointers, 20. LED Flying Disc, 21. Spinning LED Pattern Toy, 22. 12 Volt Motorcycle Battery with case, 23. Glow Stick assortment, 24. EL Wire, 25. LED Key Lights, 26. WRGB Flashlight, 27. LED Strobe, 28. LED Lenser V24, 29. LED Work/Flashlight, 30. LED Pool Light, 31. LED Arch Tool, 32. Sphere Tool, 33. 5mm EL Wire, 34. Homemade Calligraphy Writer, 35. Laser Pointers, 36. 12 Volt Motorcycle Battery with case

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Uploaded on July 31, 2010