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"I can't help it," she said quietly. "I love them."

I love the Power Rangers, and I will tell you why.


They are young, fit and attractive. Since the acting and the writing for this show is often rather, uh...beginner...they all seem like they might be in a porn film, but they keep their clothes on, and they don’t even kiss each other. This creates an interesting tension (for the adult viewer--my kids have never mentioned this to me, thank god); you keep thinking that surely any moment now they are going to take off their clothes and start messing around...but instead they put on other clothes--really shiny, tight clothes--and fight monsters instead.


They work as a team, and when one of them doesn’t, he/she always finds out why it's so very wrong to try to maverick over your team. And later the others never say, “Welcome back to the fold, jackass. We left all the cleaning up for you to do.”


They never stop trying. Ever.


They always have a crossover episode. Homicide meets Law and Order…CSI Vegas meets CSI Miami….Dino Thunder meets SPD. It’s always such a thrill. Especially that Forever Red episode when ALL the Red Rangers banded together to fight the Machine Empire from invading Earth from the Moon.


They were created by the Japanese. And that is all that needs to be said about that.


It only took them about thirteen years to have a jewish ranger, or to have a woman be the Red Ranger, and let a man be a Yellow Ranger. A gay, male Pink Ranger cannot be far behind. The United States still has not had a jewish, female or gay President, and we have been around more than two centuries. They are progressive in the most ideal sense.


I can't help it. I love them.


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Taken on January 17, 2006