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Madrid Policia Municipal | by Two Steps Behind
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Madrid Policia Municipal

POLICIA MUNICIPAL madrid. Everybody!!! FREEZE !!!


Huh… This reminded me of the game that I used to play when I was little.


Here how the game goes, one person will be standing facing away from the rest of his/her friends, with the goal of catching those who doesn’t FREEZE!. He/she then count from one to ten and then turn around and say Freeze! While he/she is counting… then his/her friends supposings creeping up slowly to him/her… their objective is to creeping up all the way to TAG him/her. They are not allow to MOVE, not one bit!. no blinking! none! must FREEZE like a robot or else will be eliminated from the game! The game repeat until the counter got Tag! or everyone else got eliminated!


I am sure many of you must have play this game before!


Well, if they were playing this game in the picture… I would be holding really STILL! because the counter this time is the POLICE!… not only I will be eliminated from the game, I don’t know what else would he do to those that MOVE!


Look at the pedestrian… NO ONE DARE TO MOVE! hahahahahahha! Poor grandpa and grandma on the left… they seem to be FROZEN really still! After all, it was a great day to be walking in Madrid.



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Taken on June 2, 2009