Days Since Last Mac Failure

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    We don't even bother keeping track of software issues. This is just the hardware.

    I'm still a helpless fanboy. Even with my dead trackpad.

    1. cowfish 95 months ago | reply

      Well, I just gave in and bought one. This piccy scares me and makes me think I should listen to bob more.

    2. Adam Auden 95 months ago | reply

      How many Macs is this spread across?

    3. twoshortplanks 95 months ago | reply

      I don't know. I can give you a better answer, which is how many *people* this is spread across. Obviously, with figures like that we've had to replace several macs.

      I think there's about 14 people with macs, plus a couple that are used for demos.

      It's also worth noting we only started tracking this about the start of 2007, but this failure rate is about the same for the last few years.

    4. twoshortplanks 95 months ago | reply

      Point of reference, me in the last three years.

      This mac trackpad died on me. The previous one was okay for me (but had been sent back prior to me getting it about four times before coming back a brand new machine.) The one before that lost a memory slot meaning I didn't have enough ram and had to be sent back. I can't remember back further than that.

      My own personal iBook I had before that went back a couple of times.

    5. twoshortplanks 95 months ago | reply

      Oh, one other thing. This chart only contains hardware failures we think are due to the macs. Failures due to theft or coffee/laptop intersection have not been listed.

    6. Adam Auden 95 months ago | reply

      See, what would be more interesting is a Mean Time to Failure across that sample.

    7. twoshortplanks 95 months ago | reply

      Yeah, but not neary as funny.

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