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This video displays worldwide retweets of Tweets originating in Japan for one hour after the earthquake. Senders’ original Tweets are shown in red; Tweets retweeted by their followers in the hour after the event are displayed in green.

credit: @miguelrios

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  1. PH 78-31 34 months ago

    Dear @miguelrios,
    Why did you choose an atlantic centered world map ? As a consequence, twitts traffic from - to Europe is invisible, merged into Japan-US traffic...
    Wouldn't pacific centered world map have been better ?

    Astonishing and marvelous work however !

  2. Jason_Combs 34 months ago

    That was my most popular day on Twitter ever. Anything I tweeted got retweeted.

  3. accionpoetica 34 months ago

    that was cool if i think you were talking about what I think you were talking

  4. le cabri 34 months ago

    Damn col shot.

    commented with FlickrComment

  5. iq-21 34 months ago

    Could you please write, which software tools were used for this awesome visualization?

  6. Heyday310 34 months ago


  7. miguelrios 34 months ago

    Cloudmade for the map API and ProcessingJS for the overlay.

  8. miguelrios 34 months ago

    I didn't noticed that until now. You are completely right, is hard to see European links from this angle. Thanks for the comment.

  9. Rika0529rocks 34 months ago

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. The beautiful videos make me cry; they remind me of how grateful I was feeling, as I tweeted to friends right after the first quake, across the Pacific and get responses. Twitter made me feel brave in the face of something unknown on that afternoon (other than that, my pet dog was cheering me up, unafraid of the quakes).

  10. PesoPoco 33 months ago

    Fascinates me...can't stop looking at it...thank you!

  11. d o c2011 33 months ago

    al fin y al cabo somos una gran hermandad la raza humana. quiera el creeador que estas tecnologias, sirvan de algo siempre . un abrazo fraternal a nuestros hermanos japoneses, pronta recuperacion.

  12. audaz_67 32 months ago

    Con su permiso voy a utilizar esta animación para

    Muchas gracias.

    Un fuerte abrazo desde Venezuela

  13. antd00d2 30 months ago

    Red color??!?!

  14. shima mahat 001 30 months ago

    It is lava in our earth......

  15. antd00d2 30 months ago

    Purple lava? :P

  16. 03947356 30 months ago


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