Visualization: 2010 World Cup Timeline (Archive)

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    This Infographic charts fans’ use of Twitter hashflags (like #esp or #usa) in their Tweets during the 2010 World Cup, with a background showing Tweets-per-second (TPS) over the same period (June 11-July 11, 2010).

    When you look at this graphic, think of it like a soundwave -- the louder and more consistent the “noise,” the bigger the impact in all directions. Countries’ flags represent use of their hashflag. The size of the flag “waves” fluctuate with the frequency & consistency of tweets containing each country’s hashflag.

    [image created by @miguelrios using]

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    1. The Good Uploadr 46 months ago

      ah, yup. that'd explain some downtime.

    2. The Cleveland Kid 46 months ago

      Nice! I wondered why my productivity happened to be down ;)

    3. F6x 46 months ago

      And where is the vuvuzela portion?

    4. Will Francis, London 46 months ago

      Nice, weird there was so little activity attributed to England fans...

    5. 46 months ago

      This is awesome, love it!

    6. nwjerseyliz 46 months ago

      Your graphic is confusing because all 32 nations competing had either their team or players from their team that were Trending Topics. This graph only focuses on a small portion of the teams playing in the World Cup. I'm not sure why you chose this route.

    7. ghepe770 45 months ago

      very cool!

    8. miguelrios 45 months ago

      There was not enough space to add the 32 teams as a stream. The choice was based in showing the 4 semifinalists and the other 3 countries which tweeted the most.

    9. 45 months ago

      nice of people just to criticise others' work when they don't even have any photos!

    10. Clovis Fritzen 43 months ago

      I'm proud of being Brazilian, and we will dominate Twitter !! @clovisf

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