Twitter HQ: Twoffice 3.0 (Archive)

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    One of Twitter HQ's (@twoffice) early San Francisco locations.

    Copyright Dustin Diaz (@ded) for Twitter, Inc.

    1. ben swede 65 months ago

      Ohh deer god. Is this twoffice for real.

    2. colinpwll 65 months ago

      No one at Twitter hunts?

    3. tbjones 65 months ago

      aren't they a little too high up to hang your hat on?

    4. Twilight Fairy 65 months ago

      someone at twitter is really fond of dead animals :P

    5. Trapper-IN 65 months ago

      Looks like Bambi's mom was related to Gumby. =)

    6. Suprgirl83 65 months ago

      I dont get it....twitter and deer?

    7. velenux 65 months ago

      this is disgusting

    8. frdbadf 58 months ago

      They are not real deer heads. The imagery is ...

    9. visualisation 53 months ago

      ok whats with the deer heads ? Bambi I get think like a baby ? grow ? you would not want a real one on your wall otherwise like the rest.

    10. Rockatteer 53 months ago

      I don't like all the dark walls looks like a modern dungeon.

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