Bagel Throwies

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    LED Throwies are so last year. All the cool kids want Bagel Throwies!

    To make one you will need an old laptop hard drive and a stale bagel you're about to put in the bin. Dismantle the hard drive to get out its wicked-strong neodymium magnet (it's what makes the drive head move back and fore and is wicked-strong). Then push it into the bagel, about 3mm under the surface. If it doesn't hold, tear bits off until it does... and then put it on your freezer, next to some Lemony Snicket magnets.

    Feel free to lord it over the Graffiti Research Lab with your bread-based magnetic tagging system. OH YES!

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    1. Rakka 94 months ago | reply

      you're so awesome, shed!

    2. Irregular Shed 94 months ago | reply

      I'm just a guy that wants to see baked goods stuck to ferrous surfaces. If that makes me awesome, so be it ;)

    3. Gazmatron 94 months ago | reply

      I'll give you 10 of your earth pounds if you do the same with an old, hard cat poop.

    4. bunchofpants 94 months ago | reply

      If I got my dog to swallow the magnet could I stick her to the fridge, too?

      (NOTE: not advocating actually feeding powerful magnets to dogs, just having som hypothetical fun).

    5. Irregular Shed 94 months ago | reply

      Definitely. She'd be able to climb up the sides of ships as well - imagine that!

    6. wardrich1986 88 months ago | reply

      1. Eat lots of heavy magnets
      2. Buy wicked-cool superhero costume
      3. ???
      4. PROFIT.

      Actually, on a more serious note... hard drive magnets are great for keeping your worthy coins away from those useless pennies that you have in your pocket. Just make sure that you don't have anything magnet-sensitive in your pocket... but who does these days, floppies and tapes are soooooooooo 80s.

    7. Irregular Shed 88 months ago | reply

      Lightweight cat litter is ferrous as well, so they're great for picking up small quantities of spilt kitty toilet!

    8. rhonea 86 months ago | reply

      There was a video on YouTube of some fellow who swallowed a neodymium magnet and then proceeded to stick metallic objects to his stomach. You could do that and snack on your bagel throughout the day. People in nudist colonies take note!

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