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[P1010903] Cycle lane - EXTREME EDITION!

Someone at the council got a little bit crazy with the cycle lane planning on Tavistock Place. This is looking east towards the junction with Judd Street.


It *kind* of makes sense. West of here, the cycle lane is a segregated two-way thing on the north side of the road (as at the foot of this picture). At the junction with Judd St, there's a bike box which puts eastbound bikes ahead of the cars in the main lane. You want to feed bikes from the lane to the box. However, you also want to keep the westbound bike lane on the north side of the road. Thus, the eastbound lane has to cross over the westbound one. That's a topological necessity.


What i don't really understand is why the westbound lane has to stay on the north side. I can't remember what it does to the east of the junction. I don't think the route is segregated at that point, but i could be wrong.


Whatever the logic behind all this, the upshot is that two lanes of traffic on what is supposed to be one of London's bike arteries have to cross over each other face to face. GREAT WORK COUNCIL GUY!!


The right conclusion to draw from this is that segregated cycle lanes of this kind are a bad idea. There are already plenty of serious studies showing just how bad an idea, for various reasons; this photo can be added lightly to the pile.


it's at about 51.525981, -0.12424. I tried geotagging it, but it didn't work.


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Taken on May 30, 2008