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Stranger Number 2 | Margaret | by TW Collins
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Stranger Number 2 | Margaret

One "yes" was all it took and less than ten minutes later I asked Margaret for her portrait.


I met Margaret while she was sitting on the steps in front of the Main Library on 5th Avenue during her lunch hour. Visually, I was so taken by this scene of maybe a hundred or more people in various states of relaxation lining the enormous rows of steps from one end to the other. Sunning themselves, eating lunch, listening to their iPods or texting, reading, talking and simply people watching; all kinds of people lined between the pair of lion statues like a collection of novels between two giant bookends.


Margaret invited me to sit next to her and asked if this was a project for something. Up to this point I had not thought of it as anything. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Jason and Bill at the bottom of the steps watching me and bantering back and forth like two grade school kids challenging their classmate on a dare. 41st street stretched behind them like a true "urban canyon" reminding me of my time working in the city, and before I could think twice I told Margaret about flickr and the 100 Strangers project.


"100 Strangers in a day?" she asked. Oh... I wasn't thinking about one day but maybe it was the look on my companion's faces or that expansive view down 41st Street which has always been one of my favorite sights; I was inspired and I found myself saying, "yes, I'm going to try it in one day".


And so it began.


"Main Branch" - New York Public Library

5th Avenue at 41st Street

New York City

May 2011



100 Strangers Project


Day 9 of our "Travels with Jason".


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Uploaded on June 26, 2011