LCD Frame

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    I'm working on an LCD frame hacked out of a Mattel JuiceBox ($11 at Wal-mart). The 'Box runs uclinux and accepts MMC cards.

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    1. drewish 111 months ago | reply

      what's a juice box? do you have a link you could post?

    2. tv 111 months ago | reply

      Hehe...I believe has all the answers!

    3. pt 111 months ago | reply

      wow, can you post more about this?

    4. TheJimmyCarter 111 months ago | reply

      Did some research, found that the device is made by Emsoft, and they provide the source at their site. How to telnet into it is still a mystery to me...

    5. drewish 111 months ago | reply

      how the hell did you get it for $11? promo? incorrectly priced box? MAKEing your own UCP code stickers? greping walmart's website now shows a minimum price of ~$50.

    6. MicheleM_ 108 months ago | reply

      Great! I wanna it on my bedside table :)

    7. gulag picture radio 108 months ago | reply

      Does this hack involve modifying the hardware? I don't mind, but I hope that it's kind of easy. I went out and bought a Juice Box today with the hope of doing this project as well - are there any step-by-step instructions anywhere, or do we wait for the next issue of Make Magazine? Thanks!

    8. gohmdoree 108 months ago | reply

      are you planning on providing some kind of a how-to on doing this?

      i was able to get two off of ebay for about $20.

    9. Rotcoddam 107 months ago | reply

      The folks at Red and Blue would love this I think.. ;-)

    10. Kenny Johnson 94 months ago | reply

      I'm curious. How much tinkering is really needed? It can already play photos using SD cards with the adapter. Couldn't you just stick a frame around it... what am I missing? I ended up buying one for $10 w/ free shipping from ebay and the mp3/jpg adapter kit for it for another $5. I figure I'll try to see if I can do this. If not, at least it was only a $15 investment and it would still work as an mp3/photo player anyway.

    11. NilsEndrikat 86 months ago | reply

      I thibk the JuiceBox is a cheap gaming console.

    12. YBoris 53 months ago | reply

      Are there any updates on this project? A tutorial or something of the sort?

      Can one connect a PC to this display through VGA?

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