The story of Nebbeline (Ms. Freaky Beaky)
We met Nebbeline(*), aka Ms. Freaky Beaky, while baiting the ducks with bread for some photos on a very cold, snowy Sunday...

We didn't know whether she had somehow gotten her beak snapped off or whether it was some kind of birth defect. Upon closer inspection, it looks like some kind of birth defect. Her beak is very short and curved up, and her lovely pink tongue sticks out. It was so sad to see...

It seemed like she was doing OK though. While she was slightly smaller than the other ducks, she did not look unfed. Still, it's winter and winters here are long, and it's surely difficult to feed with a freaky beak like that...

We spent the week kind of feeling bad for her. So we went back to see if we could find her the following weekend; we even bought some crickets at a local pet shop to feed to her. Not only did we find her, we found that she's quite tough; she doesn't let any of the other ducks or birds pick on her. She even has a boyfriend!

(And she loved the crickets! ;)

I brought her more crickets the following week. It seems like she has trouble picking up food like crickets when it's on the pavement or grass, as she doesn't have a proper beak to scoop up her treat, but she manages in the end. She knows how to get her food! She even tried to make a meal out of my fingers!

And she's great at making funny faces!

Stay tuned and I'll try to add more photos of my favorite model as time and weather allows. I hope that one spring day, I'll see her with her fellow and a bunch of cute fuzzy ducklings :-)

(*) nebb is the Norwegian word for beak
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