The 365 Project
The 365 challenge: Take one photo every day for an entire year.

Time passes us by so quickly, sometimes in the blink of an eye. Minutes bleed into hours, hours into days and days into years. As time goes on, our memories begin to slip away from us.

I started a 365 project this year as a way to document one of the most important years of my life so far. It started off as being a picture of anything but quickly developed into self-portraits.

Taking photos gives me a little time out from the world. It gives me a chance to breathe, take in my surroundings and truly appreciate what I have been given.

The 365 is one of the most challenging things I have ever tried to do. Using my camera every day has helped me grow as a photographer and using imaging-editing software like Photoshop has helped me grow as an editor.

But the most rewarding part of this project by far has been the amount I have discovered about myself along the way.

"I don't care about my looks but I wish people will see my soul and it appears more clearly in these photographs than in others."
- August Strindberg

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