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Forge Ahead!

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Rainworth Skoda Dukeries Rally (Ford Escort Mk2), Nottinghamshire, England


Hey everyone again last week was a bit surreal in terms of Flickr as I managed to get 4 or 5 of my images into Flickr Explore. Not quite sure how as they were old images, I think it was due to my latest image before this one getting into Explore and viewers checking out my older uploads which caused them to get into Explore. Explore does remain a mystery to me lol but thank you to you all last week, as always it does mean a lot to me that you all take the time to visit and comment on my photos, I thank you.


Anyway, this photo was from the Dukeries Rally up in Sherwood Forest in Nottingham. I met up with fellow Flickr and Twitterers James, Mark and Chris and what a really enjoyable day it was, top guys :-).


Be sure to check out their stunning photostreams :-)


This type of photography is not my normal type of photography but I am really getting into it. This is my second ever rally I have been too but I have learnt that it can be a quite challenging type of photography due to the fast nature of the sport but I persevered and got this.


This photo was me messing around with my panning technique and can assure you there is no Photoshop trickery in this one, this was completely handheld pan as the car sped around the corner, it was a little bit of trial and error but it was quite hard to do at shutter speeds as slow os 1/30s. Not quite as sharp as I would have liked it due to the f-stop I had to use but I like the sense of speed it creates. I originally cropped it at 16:9 but felt it had too much else going on around the car so cropped it square (1:1) and feel this works a lot better, what do you think?


As per usual any constructive criticism is always welcome :-)


Photo Details

Sony A700

Tamron SP AF 17-50mm f/2.8 XR





1/30s exposure


Software Used

Lightroom 4.1



The squarer-styled Mark II version appeared in January 1975. The first production models had rolled off the production lines on 2 December 1974.


Unlike the first Escort (which was developed by Ford of Britain), the second generation was developed jointly between the UK and Ford of Germany. Codenamed "Brenda" during its development, it used the same mechanical componentss as the Mark I. The 950 cc engine was still offered in Italy where the smaller engine attracted tax advantages, but in the other larger European markets in Europe it was unavailable. The estate and van versions used the same panelwork as the Mark I, but with the Mark II front end and interior. The car used a revised underbody, which had in fact been introduced as a running change during the last six months of the life of the Mark I.


This car made a point, with just four body styles, of competing in many different market niches where rival manufacturers had either multiple model ranges or simply none at all. "L" and "GL" models (2-door, 4-door, estate) were in the mainstream private sector, the "Sport", "RSMexico", and "RS2000" in the performance market, the "Ghia" (2-door, 4-door) for an untapped small car luxury market, and "base / Popular" models for the bottom end. Panel-van versions catered to the commercial sector.


During the second half of the 1970s, the Escort continued to prove hugely popular with buyers in Britain and other parts of Europe.


A cosmetic update was given in 1978, with L models gaining the square headlights (previously exclusive to the GL and Ghia variants) and there was an upgrade in interior and exterior specification for some models. Underneath a wider front track was given.


In 1979 and 1980 three special edition Escorts were launched the Linnet, Harrier and Goldcrest.

Production, after an incredibly popular model run, ended in Britain in August 1980, other countries following soon after.

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Taken on June 9, 2012