• I adore the colors.
    and the braid
    did you put blonde highlights in your hair?? - elizabeth . catherine .
  • Nope it's natural
  • i wish i could do my hair like this. i am incapable of making french braids no matter where they are on my head. - kalinamiletic
  • i spent like almost a whole night on youtube learning how to do different braids. and they have never looked this awesome. - Erica Mendoza
  • so pretty:) - sineadmarguerite
  • beauty. in every part of this photo. - brookeshaden
  • dang, i wish my hair was naturally like this! its so gorgeous - All Dolled Up.
  • I really need to learn to do this braid! i want my hair like this for my first day of college :) its perfection - Alyssa Noel
  • i love how you're hair is always brilliantly styled. - imfreelykeely
  • sooo gorgeous. - Sarah Brayton
  • What I love here is that the braid is so perfectly put together, and then your hair is gathered into a messy bun at the end. It actually gives the sense of a lot of different emotions, in an interesting way. Beautiful picture though, honestly. <3 - Whitney Justesen
  • I am so in love with your braids/hair today a lady(i don't even know)from a local church came to my door & her daughter had something like this in her hair and I asked her if she would do mine & she did! so I popped some corn for her kids and she did my hair :) I love it! It's not as pretty as yours - 1 Blinkie GoGo
  • i'm so jealous of your hair, its so beautiful. - May Saiury
  • My god Kennedy, your hair is brilliant.
    you should totally make a video/stopmotion braiding your hair. - elfy chronicles
  • so beautiful - Elly Uiterwijk
  • I'm pretty sure I'm jealous of your beautiful hair. - Paige Gabert
  • i just happened to stumble upon your stream. i pretty much love everything, including this. - leesy l
  • beautiful - Cassidy Y
  • love your nose. - lexigoodnight


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