Portable Extension Phone

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    Will wonders never cease?

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    1. brash stick [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Wow that is cool. Technology is amazing.

    2. turkeychik ages ago | reply

      brianr, I know, and it also makes me think of the term "brick phone"!

    3. brash stick [deleted] ages ago | reply

      I like the fake wood texture. haha. Scan some old computer ads!

    4. turkeychik ages ago | reply

      I did, I just have to upload them!

    5. flacko_man ages ago | reply

      Oh...that's fake wood is it...

    6. turkeychik ages ago | reply

      Yes, flacko man, sorry to disappoint you but it is real plastic.( I am so laughing at a phone made out of wood. That is sort of Fred Flintstone-like). Why did we think things like this should be fake wood?

    7. flacko_man ages ago | reply

      As long as it's real plastic...

    8. sophisticated apparel [deleted] ages ago | reply

      I would love to find this to add to my collection!!
      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    9. glen.h ages ago | reply

      I love fake wood stuff. Maybe we should start a pool of images!

    10. turkeychik ages ago | reply

      flacko man, all I can think of is dashboards of exotic foreign cars may have been rosewood, at one time. Are the plastic wood items to give you a better feeling that technology is safe?

      Nina, I know, I think I have Radio Shack items older than this that still work!

      glen, good idea, Now I am looking all over my home in a fake wood stuff scavenger hunt!

    11. flacko_man ages ago | reply

      I think your head bounces better off fake wood...not so relevant with a phone but.

    12. ceebee23 118 months ago | reply

      now that is style.... a sort of cross between seriously ugly and serious fake wood!

    13. notmrjohn 108 months ago | reply

      Laugh if you must, but you can use it while driving a forklift. Except in school zones. And be careful with that antenna you'll put somebody's eye out.
      Incidentally, that number is no longer working. Its a Ft, Worth area code where Radio-Shack has its headquarters. That woulda been a clever advertising ploy. I was hoping to get at least a recorded announcement. " If you're calling about the giant plasti-wood brick phone please press one. If you're calling about the hands free attachment with giant padded earphones, lapel mike, and back pack phone holder...."

    14. turkeychik 103 months ago | reply

      lukask, that's cool.

    15. Ethan Hein 92 months ago | reply

      There's just not enough dark brown in technology anymore.

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