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While UNESCO is re-erecting the Obelisk, there is still a UN peacekeeping force in Aksum. They have been here since 2000, to observe and support the peace process. They are just a two doctors, and a crew for the aircraft. But nothing is happening and they are really bored.


Once I was also bored, I went to a bar, saw two Arabs, they were the UN military doctors, from Jordan. I was so happy, and they were so happy. We started to chat and play chess, smoking a chicha. I never smoke chicha but that night was great. "Here come the Arabs!" said the second doctor, we laughed because we knew it was not true but at the end we were also captive of ethnic racist factionalist labels. We were laughing on the absurd of our situation.


It's a strange fact, military doctors needs victims of war to be busy... and happy, they should have been happy to have nothing to do. Anyway few weeks later they had a bit of movement and action, the Eritrean authorities decided to get rid of the UN troops refusing to deliver oil. Eritreans grouped soldiers on the border, Ethiopians also started to group troops, a UN inspection truck exploded on a landmine. I don't know if my friends were happy or not, at least they had been busy.


Meanwhile the UNESCO is re-erecting the Obelisk in order to promote peace and the dialogue of civilisations... This is a desesperate endless story of absurd wars in places who need everything but wars (with conflicts, the authorites look like to be acting for the country).


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Taken on February 1, 2008