Susan Webb Tregay: Contemporary Art for Adult Children
September 6, 2013 - January 11, 2014
Community Gallery

Can one ride a bike through a puddle, cannon-ball off a dock, or toe-dance on a mountain top? Sure, I am very serious about having fun with my art. While the recognizable imagery appeals to us, I am obviously not painting beauty or perfection, but our experiences. How does it feel to be free where gravity holds little sway and color can be arbitrary?

Fun and freedom are part of Susan Webb Tregay's painting process from the very first strokes of color. The Impressionist’s objective was to lay colors next to each other and allow them to mix in the viewer’s mind. This technique is utilized in Susan's rich and dazzling surfaces of her work. Susan's current series Free-Range Children Series are colorful, contemporary paintings for adult children.
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