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    1. Angelus Works 76 months ago | reply

      Hey Alexander thanks for sharing the wonderful photo. I just finished turning it into art piece for a project I am doing. The Booby Art Project - it's a art project to raise awareness for breastfeeding, breast cancer and more.

      I will give you more details later. Your piece is official the first piece created for the project...I will be opening the project to the public soon. boobyartproject.com

    2. Alexander Tundakov 76 months ago | reply

      OK, let's see what it's gonna be. Breastfeeding rulez!

    3. Angelus Works 76 months ago | reply

      Okay Alexander - so here is the first version - I am redoing from scratch another version - www.flickr.com/photos/65533093@N00/3211603276/ Enjoy. Also, if you want the original file 16x20 set at 200 pix per square inch. Of course it will be best to wait till I put up the other piece.

      Thanks for sharing.

    4. Alexander Tundakov 76 months ago | reply

      Thanks! My wife was surprised :)

    5. Angelus Works 76 months ago | reply

      Your Welcome - Hopefully she was surprised in a good way.

      I will be putting a lot effort into getting the project ready for release sometime in Feb/Mar 2009, but rest assured it will be respectful and cool as all get up!

      One of its main purposes of the project is to set things straight in the world with breastfeeding.

      So, your image (if that is cool) with a few others will be featured in the project...so, um get ready. :)

      Don't worry I will give you an advance pass to the site, before it is released, also, again - I will give you all works of the art work in high res files.

      Thanks for sharing...let's rock this world together & celebrate the joy of life.

    6. Alexander Tundakov 74 months ago | reply

      Nice to see this little pic worked. My wife is very proud. Thank you! You're doing really great job by supporting the breastfeeding.

    7. thecatenelson 70 months ago | reply

      I've actually used this photo twice now for two different blogs on breastfeeding. I so appreciate you putting it on Creative Commons.
      Tomorrow, my blog at Eco Child's Play will feature it. And a while back, I used it on Nature's Child.

      And it seemed like the perfect pic to go along with this one:

      When I saw it, I could hear my son's giggle when he breastfeeds and we play. "Nipple must stay in mouth. But Mama is so silly!"

      Thanks again!

    8. Alexander Tundakov 70 months ago | reply

      Thanks. I'm very glad that this pic turned out to be something bigger than my average stuff. Kudos to my wife and daughter. Not only they make my life bright, they also enlighten some of my photos.

    9. momsrising 69 months ago | reply

      This is a gorgeous picture. I'm using it on a webpage for a petition that asks for national paid family leave policy to support breastfeeding.

      You can see the petition here (still in development)

      THANK YOU for making this publicly available so we can use it so support breastfeeding!!

    10. Alexander Tundakov 69 months ago | reply

      Thank you for advocating of breastfeeding.

    11. johnmartine63 64 months ago | reply

      This is so wonderful... if you had any idea how much women are ... attacked here for breast feeding. And really, what could be more natural?

    12. Alexander Tundakov 61 months ago | reply

      Oh, sorry, John. Haven't seen your answer. Strange, why the breast feeding is attacked? When it's being done in public, or what?

    13. johnmartine63 61 months ago | reply

      Yes, in public, some people get really offended.

    14. zeynebinberil 60 months ago | reply

      hi, i used this photo on my blog:


      if you don't like it, please let me know and i'll replace it.

      thank you,

    15. besu25 58 months ago | reply

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    16. ruzenaalice 36 months ago | reply

      I have used this fantastic photo to illustrate an article I wrote with tips for successful breastfeeding www.sunshinebaby.com.au/index.php/articles/breatfeeding-t...
      thank you so much!

    17. suehawkins 31 months ago | reply

      Oh! The happy smiles! This is a lovely image!

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