Models at Work at the V&A
"Models at Work" was a performance created by Olivier Saillard and presented at the V&A as part of their "Fashion in Motion" series.

Saillard is Director of the Galliera Museum, the fashion museum of Paris, and regularly stages performances inspired by the history and culture of Fashion during Paris fashion Week.

The performance investigates the gestures and poses of the fashion model and how they have evolved over time.

The work is divided into five parts:

Part one
Black sheaths
The models wear black sheaths that are replicas of those used in the early 20th century fashion houses to protect the garment from the model's body.

Part two
An exercise in style around the white tunic
The models are dressed in white tunics copied from the pattern of those worn by fashion houses' in-house models. This type of tunic would have been put on by models between fittings.

Part Three
Catwalk without clothes
Models wearing black body suits mime with grace and elegance, dressing and undressing. For the first time, a catwalk without clothes.

Part four
Modelled in calico
Before a garment is created in the designer's chosen fabric at the atelier, it is first made in calico. This process is normally only seen the designer's atelier but these calico toiles are being shown on the catwalk.

Part five
Shadow garments
Monsieur Christian Lacroix was asked to sketch designs recreating silhouettes found in the work of designers such as Yves Saint-Laurent, Claude Montana and Jean-Paul Gaultier. Made of black tule, these garments affect the body language of the model wearing them.
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