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Hard working photographer


(This is my first time playing with square-crop. What do you guys think? I did it to leave out some tree branches in the frame, and to crop out the other two (blurry) guys in the pic. I also wanted to isolate the photographer that's concentrating on making a good picture).

Made Explore! - Highest position 152 on Thursday, July 31, 2008

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  1. bewo22 82 months ago | reply


  2. Peluna 82 months ago | reply

    This is cool. Were you shooting in the water?

  3. jonjon_01 82 months ago | reply

    With xprmntl in the water, I think it makes the picture better in composition and the square framing is nice.

  4. alain hk 82 months ago | reply

    wonderful shot :-)

  5. I Shoot Kids 82 months ago | reply

    What location are you shooting from here, Gasworks?

  6. mraaronmorris 82 months ago | reply

    Good stuff. This is awesome!

  7. amanky 82 months ago | reply

    love this Terence... much akin to the sort of shots I had envisioned for last night... but just couldn't find the right place, and simply went for the company and got other shots instead..

    this is great... really great!

  8. jennifer.tai 82 months ago | reply

    Looove this shot! Wish I'd been there but the temptation of playing with fireworks won over ;)

  9. marsha0413 [deleted] 82 months ago | reply

    wow wow wow...

  10. ttstam 82 months ago | reply

    Yes! Gasworks was packed beyond belief, so a few crazy guys actually went down INTO the water. I was one of them.

    Gasworks. After scouting all the areas around Lake Union (I actually called up satellite maps from Google Earth...) Gasworks was chosen because it is the only spot where I have a clear view of the fireworks barge (for the low altitude stuff) and downtown Seattle, including the space needle.

    Thanks! :-)

    Oh, I bought some goodies from Boom City too :-). I still have videos to post-process...

    Thanks! :-). Luck had something to play in this shot too - I took about 4 of these shots and this was the only one where the photographer barely moved from concentrating on the shot to give this sharp and clean a shot.

    Thanks John!

    What's really funny is, I got into the water and first words out of XPRMNTL's mouth was "Hey, are you Terence?"

  11. RBerteig 82 months ago | reply

    I think the square crop works really well here.

    I don't know if would have occurred to me to wade out, especially at night, carrying valuables, and in an area where I wouldn't be certain how far it is to the well-maintained shipping channel...

  12. ayngelina 82 months ago | reply

    Great silhouette.

  13. 70 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  14. davic 67 months ago | reply

    great pov

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