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  • Cool light reflection off the ice cubes, lighting up a green "hobby cutting mat" with grid squares.

Dark field iced tea :-)

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Okay, so technically *not* a proper DF illumination setup, but the results are the same.

This is a perfect example of "killing the ambient" that David Hobby talks about. This was shot in my home office with the window blinds wide open and a pretty sun-lit room.

(I am loving the fact that I can now sync at 1/200sec)

Looking at this the flash is barely visible over the top of the liquid. I think a gobo would be better for the next shot - but I'm thirsty, and the tea is cold and strong...

Strobist: 580EX II M 1/8 @105mm via PW+2, 6" behind pitcher. ISO100 f:1:32 1/200sec

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  1. faust0matic 80 months ago | reply

    Cool shot. I love this effect.

  2. Sedanman [deleted] 80 months ago | reply

    Great orangy color - did you spike that Iced tea, Terence?

  3. amanky 80 months ago | reply

    aaand now I'm thirsty!

    [Seen on your photo stream. - ?]

  4. ttstam 80 months ago | reply

    Thanks, guys! It turned out better than I thought too.

    No, no spiking of iced tea. Come on, I'm doing my taxes! :-)
    (Okay so maybe I should have a long island iced tea afterwards!)

  5. amanky 80 months ago | reply

    wait a second... you're doing your taxes!? isn't it a little late, or early!?

    [Seen in my recent comments. - ?]

  6. ttstam 80 months ago | reply

    I laid myself off in March/April of this year (basically my day job ran into financial difficulties and couldn't cut paychecks from March till June) and I just filed for extension so I can concentrate on getting my businesses off the ground and bring income in that way to pay mortgage. It's a 6 month extension and since I knew I would be getting money back from Uncle Sam (but not sure how much, and with businesses my taxes are a bit more complicated) I opted for a 6 month extension because there's no interest with my taxes already paid.

    I'm tempted to apply the refund towards camera gear (it's enough for a new body and a piece of L-lens). Then again my XTi serves me just fine. It'll go towards "extra" mortgage payments next year.

  7. amanky 80 months ago | reply

    I was just thinking about how I'll likely see a heftier return than I like (I'd rather break even than owe or be owed... but that's a whole different discussion) as I wasn't working most the year...
    and thought I could surely chunk that into camera stuffs... and here you are choosing to be wise and, you know, pay bills!
    why does life have to revolve around money... wether you have it, or you don't!? grr!

    hope the complicated taxes get worked out for you, the iced tea should help! (if you stop getting distracted by lighting, shots, and well.. comments! ;))

    [Seen in my recent comments. - ?]

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