This is a set of works that have origins in the movements of the early 20th Century like Futurism, Cubism, Constructivism... Italian Futurists and especially the idiom of Aeropittura has been a huge point of reference.
As a student of the Scuola Politecnica di Design di Milano back in the early 90s I grew up in an artistic environment that was so influenced from the spirit of Balla, Depero, Boccioni and co. We were the "kids" of Munari, Soldati and Sironi, our graphic heroes were Depero, Soffici and Marinetti him self. We had the luck to have professors like Nino Di Salvatore and Augusto Garau, members of the Movimento Arte Concreta (M.A.C) movement in Mid Century Italy.
All these movements and artists shared some common passions. Form was in the center of the attention. Pure form, abstract of figurative has an autonomous value. Influenced by the school of Gestaly Psychology form was the center of our studies.
Then there was color. And color is light. Color is used exactly like form. Has to represent strong feelings and emotions. Has to be a statement.
Rudolf Arnheim's ideas especially viewed and taught by his student and professor of mine, Augusto Garau, have influenced the way I am using color in these pieces (and not only).

Technically this is a very simple process. Drawing polygons in a vector or bitmap program. There is no magic wand or hidden software used. There are many programs that tried to mimic Delaunay's triangulation theories but I am not finding them useful. The main reason is because they just transform a photo into a vector interpretation filling with the underlined average color the polygons. I am finding that this is something very limited.
I prefer to develop my own architectures drawing my polygons and choosing my colors following the ideas of my professors. Mainly the "Continuum Cromaticum" by Garau and the Di Salvatore's emotional and "fearless" approach to color.
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