Bradesco Prime
Illustration by Tsevis Visual Design
Bradesco and Neogama BBH team:
Customer: Bradesco Prime
Product: Prime Arts
Creation: Márcio Ribas, Patrician Leme and Isabela Laloni
Direction of creation: Márcio Ribas and Wilson Mateos
General direction of creation: Alexander Gamma
Graphical production: Kyioshi Takahashi and Eliana Barros
Treatment of image: Carlos Alberto Morelli
Attendance: Silvia Tommasini, Adriana Nigro and Guillermo Fracaro
Approval: Bradesco marketing

If you want to read more about the project you could visit: (in portuguese)
For an english translation look here:

This image is copyrighted. Please, don't use it for any commercial project.
©2008-2009: Neogama BBH, Banco Bradesco, Charis Tsevis

Created in Synthetik Studio Artist, Adobe Photoshop, Apple QuickTime Pro with custom developed scripts and techniques.

We are happy to announce that this project has been awarded with the prestigious ED (European Design) Award (Bronze) for best corporate illustration for 2009.
You can check all ED Awards winners here:

This year (2009) we had the pleasure and the honor to continue our collaboration with the Neogama BBH team for Festival do Jordao and Bradesco Prime Arts.
This years festival is dedicated to France and its cultural ties with Brazil. This is why our circles have changed their colors to meet the "Bleu - Blanc - Rouge" (Blue, White, Red).
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