San Diego Staff Heads Across the Border to Aid Mexico Quake Survivors
Early Saturday morning, Salvation Army emergency disaster vehicles took water, fresh fruit, snacks and spaghetti dinners into Mexico to serve 500 of those hardest hit by Easter Sunday’s 7.2 earthquake.

The El Centro Salvation Army has been helping people in El Centro, Calexico, Nyland, Slab City and Bombay, California, but had to wait for a formal request from The Salvation Army in Mexico to begin serving there. That request came on Friday, was quickly approved, and The Salvation Army immediately mobilized a 16’ truck, mobile kitchen (canteen), van and pickup truck which they filled with water, non-perishable food, clothing, diapers and other donated items. Before dawn on Saturday morning, volunteers made spaghetti sauce and pasta to serve from the mobile kitchen.

“Led by Mexican police escorts, we travelled two and a half hours into Baja California, Mexico, around buckled roads, through washes and down dirt paths to an area where we found 500 people gathered on a concrete slab waiting for assistance,” reported Captain Jerry Esqueda who led the trip. “We fed them a hot spaghetti dinner with bread and apples, prayed with them and encouraged them.”
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