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Sea Organization Book Sale Scam

Here's an e-mail attachment I recently received right out of the Sea Org playbook on how to run the Scientology book sales con.


First, they are false reporting that their Ron Series, a 16 volume encyclopedia of L Ron Hubbard, is in every library on the planet.


Check with your local library. Check 10 libraries in your area. Many libraries in the United States today have a list of their books online, so check around and see if you can find these. The reason these books are not in the libraries is because in most cases the librarians don't want the books. The result of this is that the books are either thrown away or sold for $1 when the library sells of it's unwanted inventory.


Additionally, many book sets were paid for but never even sent.


So now they are going to raise money to allegedly send these books to government officials and educators. Well, this can obviously go on forever without anyone ever verifying if anything was ever done.


Then they end off the propaganda piece with some photos and a story of some far away place which you have never been to and never will be that supposedly got the books just in time to save the country. Gambia? Right.


This is the same con they ran during the Basics scam starting back in 2007.




These books are produced by Sea Organization slave labor in a Sea Org factory. The production costs next to nothing. Then they hit you up for over $700 for this encyclopedia of books that you will never see.


Fat profits.





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Taken on March 21, 2013