5.12.12 Springfest
Va Beach more to come

Friday May 11th, I headed down to Richmond, VA to stay with Miss Amanda Hacks a fellow photographer to save myself some driving the following morning. Saturday morning I managed to wake up feeling groggy as hell and got my ass out the door to head to a car wash while Amanda went to meet up with the group she would be rolling down to VA beach with. I found it, washed my baby, found some new scratches as usual and then headed to a rest stop past exit 213 on I-64 to wait for a few of my guys from Fueled Lifestyle. We had previously discussed that there would be someone joining us from Annapolis as well. I never put 1 and 1 together but sure enough Robert Schiller(another photographer) and I ended up cruising down in the same convoy not even realizing who the other was.
At the rest stop I bought my breakfast and had a monster left over from the night before so I figured I was set. That damn bagel was $2 with enough cream cheese for 1/4 of it, the machine ate $0.50 so I ended up buying a $3 muffin also. I tried to snap a few rollers but I shouldn't have left my 35 1.8 on the camera, it made it a bit harder to steer and shoot from my window. We got there pretty early around 10 I would say so I wasn't sure what to do. I ended up grabbing my bag, my smokes, a water and headed over to the entrance to start seeing what was coming in to scope out later, I wanted to see what Virginia had to offer. Some heavy hitters I've seen or heard of such as ISO, Xclusive Alliance, and Canibeat showed up. VA has a lot of stance that showed up. There was much more variety and a very strong turnout which I was happy to see as well as a plenty of dogs mean muggin' me. There were ranges of clean stanced cars, jacked up jeeps and trucks, some rice, a bit of domestic, a few bikes, some swaps, and a few "classics" such as the CTR that showed up. I finally got tired of sitting in one spot waiting to see what got turned away since the parking had gotten so packed that the cops were helping organize to move people around the outside of the venue, so I walked around to find some stuff I had spotted earlier. I ran into Chris Chan of the ISO crew and finally got to meet him after bullshitting back and forth on scion pages and forums, real clean and his car actually is one of the few tc's I've seen to pull off a body kit. I also ran into the lovely Miss Rikki Groves who I spotted waving when she realized there was a handsome asian taking photos that she knew. As you can tell she called so I gave her directions left right and all over until she finally found me. Ended up wandering off and I ran into Matt Morris who was holding it down for Maryland down there. Finally got to shoot the shit with him after I had seen his car back in the day on rotas multiple times around the Columbia and Ellicott City meets and such. I ended up getting wrapped up into our conversation because we saw eye to eye on a lot of the car scene and such these days. He's got big plans, and if you can see in one of the photos, he cracked a fender flare on the way down too. At this point I was getting tired of finding gems here and there. So we took a break and went go-karting for a minute. Sky and Kitty had a few runs so Matt, Diana, Ricky and I headed back over to see if Matt had gotten a trophy yet or not so we could leave and go to the beach. Ran into Dave Tormey for a little while he was finding a few things worth shooting. Rikki joined us on our venture to the beach, and Matt was on the radio, he thought he found a friend but the Countach didn't want to play with him. Matt and I ended up buying board shorts to get in the ocean, it was cold but worth it. Finally wrapped everything up said goodbye to Rikki who was heading up to Jersey to watch some Motorcross stuff, and we all headed about an hour up the road to eat. Then the long journey home happened and I made it back by 1 AM.

Not bad, not sure if I'll make the trip again solo, I would go if I was riding so I could shoot more on the roads. VA, fix your highways. Nice job Sumospeed on the organization. Also as you can tell I did more general coverage as opposed to being much more specific for this car meet.
The rest of the photos will come later.
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