365/340 The Bored Room

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Wow... 25 days left.

On the my days off work when I have more time, I'm really trying to push the limits of my abilities and see what I can do. Can I just say... I AM SO THRILLED WITH THIS ONE!!!!!

I've only tried cloning once or twice during this year, but never to this extent. I knew when I was setting this up that I would have to deal with the reflections on the table but I'm so glad I did! I LOVE the reflections!

Yes, I purposefully spelled it Bored instead of Board. I simply hate meetings of any kind and when I must sit through them I am usually otherwise occupied in my mind....

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  1. kpriceWicked (signing off for the summer) [deleted] 97 months ago | reply

    had to come back and fave this one Kari... it's sooo good. ;)

  2. DawnsRays 97 months ago | reply

    This is excellent! what a cool "group" of women.

  3. .snap.sh00ter. 97 months ago | reply

    busy you! =)


  4. andres.thor 97 months ago | reply

    Definitely one of the best clone shots I have seen around here. *Very* well done.

  5. Peanuts_Photography 97 months ago | reply

    Daaaaaaaaaaaamn! You are getting soooooooooo good at this stuff! It really is quite seamless and awesome!! Congrats on a great photo!

  6. Nalzz 97 months ago | reply

    hahaha I LOVE IT! So cool and well put together!
    Well...it took me awhile to understand the significance of "bored" room. haha oops, I'm slow.

  7. Aster-oid 97 months ago | reply

    You are really something in the pp field! I can't believe you are only into this one year... This is some amazing cloning stuff - I could never ever imagine myself getting there, of course... too complicated!!!

  8. Bananocrate - バナノクラテ 97 months ago | reply

    Playing ball inside house is dangerous... but, however, with a different table, you should made an extra-clone under it. ;)

  9. SolsticeSol 97 months ago | reply

    Wow, this is just very very cool! I love how the you with the ball looks like she is resting her feet on the one that passed out from all the excitement. :) Wonderful image and very creative work!

  10. jrorci 97 months ago | reply

    Haha -- nicely done! I've always wanted to try this.

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  11. lee.stephens 97 months ago | reply

    so well done, really brings a smile to my face

  12. phrenzel 97 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called The Inspiring Photograph, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    very well done!

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  13. phrenzel 96 months ago | reply

    Thanks for posting this to the group!
    Seen and admired in.....
    The Inspiring Photograph

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  14. shannkat 96 months ago | reply

    check you out! I'm impressed!

  15. Black Cat Photos 96 months ago | reply

    brilliant! luv m xxx

  16. Mac-xime Perreault 96 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called WE ARE MANY, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  17. Stoopsolo1966 96 months ago | reply

    This is great - most people doing these clones forget shadows/reflections etc, But you've got them perfect!

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  18. © David J Peacock - www.davidjpeacock.ca [deleted] 96 months ago | reply

    This is superb! I love it. :-)

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  19. TonyToo66 [deleted] 81 months ago | reply

    Cool clone!

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